Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Staycation Part 1

Mr. Taffy is taking a week off in between jobs so we can get some projects done around the house and have some fun.  I shall attempt to chronicle our “staycation” here.  It may get long…just a warning! 

Day 1

Saturday-after letting ourselves wake up naturally, we had a nice breakfast of cheese omelets and turkey bacon.  We had big plans for the day that were postponed slightly by a big storm that blew through in the morning.  Once the storm passed, we split up the children, he taking 3 and me taking 4.  They went to the bike shop where our sons bought themselves new bikes (they actually wore out there old ones), an appliance store to buy a power cord for a fridge that we are going to sell on Craig’s List and to Menard’s for rocks.  We went to Target Greatland, Trader Joe’s and Costco.  I bought a bunch of vacation type food, like  premade hamburger patties and chicken nuggets.  A vacation for me is not spending too much time in the kitchen!

Both groups got home at the same time and the boys all went outside to get the back yard prepped for a shed.




While they were working Strawberry and I were putting away massive amounts of food and the little people were busy getting soaked.


The shed prepping area took less time than we thought so were able to get one more “nagging” thing done.  We drove about 60 miles to take a truck load of stuff to a thrift store that gives money to an orphanage in Honduras.   I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s taken a while for us to get down there.  On the way we passed the company that is going to build our shed.  We stopped to take a look.


I think they are pretty  cute,  that window is awful though.  We are not getting a window.  Mr. Taffy is having second thoughts about the sheds because of the quality, we’ll see what he decides.  It’s supposed to be built on Wednesday.


Some beautiful Minnesota farmland. 

We finished the day with burgers off the grill and cucumbers from our garden.  Day one was terrific!  Day two will be even better!

Day 2~Fellowship!

Sunday.  During the summer we’ve been meeting at the park on Sunday’s.  Everybody brings their own lunch and then we share desserts.  The kids have so much fun playing together and the parents get lots of time to talk and build each other up!  We go through gallons of water!  We had a new family join us this week, it’s always fun getting to know new families!

Before everybody arrived, I had a chance to take some pictures.

Staycation days 2 and 3 001

Staycation days 2 and 3 024

Staycation days 2 and 3 013

Staycation days 2 and 3 023

Day 3~Valley Fair

Monday.  They’ve been waiting for this ALL summer!  One of the perks of Mr. Taffy’s new job is discounted tickets.  They are picking up some of their friends and heading off for a day of excitement and exhaustion.  I am happy to stay home and work on things around here!

Staycation days 2 and 3 029

Hmmm…Mr. Taffy doesn’t look as excited at the rest of them…he’ll probably need a foot rub when he gets home and neck rub, and a back rub.  It stinks getting older!  Smile


All the beautiful young people!  Love them!

While they were away I was home with the little people, doing regular stuff.  I did set up one fun activity for them though:  making personal pizzas!


033                    035


I also let them help me make the fruit salad.


And then I took about a million pictures of this little one.


This one is my favorite.  So kissable!

Day 4

Tuesday.  This is our normal "beach” day but we stayed home this week, after all we are out “out of town.”  So instead Mr. Taffy and Banana took our cars to get an oil change.  This was Banana’s first solo drive.  He did GREAT!  We did a few errands afterward including buying the boys laptop back packs for school.  On our plan was taking the kids to see the new Winnie-the-Pooh Movie.  (It was ok.)  We were also going to take them to our little local water park, they earned free passes through our library’s summer reading program.  They were too exhausted from their time ay Valley Fair for the water park though.  Instead we got invited to an impromptu surprise birthday party.  We got to see our beach friends after all AND eat Strawberry Shortcake!  It was great fun!

To be continued…


  1. Looks like a great week, so far. Your family is beautiful!

  2. I especially like the part about buying easy food to prepare so its a vacation for you too! Thanks for sharing your staycation!

  3. I just needed to tell you. "You are such a joy!"

  4. I love this, so fun to see what others are doing! We are headed up to Minnesota for a long weekend in the morning, we have never been and are so excited! Thanks again for your inspiring posts!!


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