Monday, August 22, 2011

Another year older


That would be me…My birthday was on Sunday.  The celebrating pretty much started on Saturday though when my daughter and her friend planned a birthday surprise for me.  First they took me to lunch at Chipotle!  Burrito Bowl here I come!  Then we went to the mall where they did some crazy things like go up the down elevator, ride the carousel and buy matching sun glasses!



Don’t worry, I was happy to live vicariously through their fun and I wasn’t alone, the momma of Strawberry’s buddy is my good friend!  We both enjoyed the “break” and had lots of fun talking!

Sunday started out with brunch.  Mr. Taffy bought a Groupon months ago to a fancy restaurant.  The food there is a little pricey so only 3 of us went-Mr. Taffy, Mrs. Taffy and Strawberry.  Marshmallow was there too, she just doesn't count as an eater.  The best thing about the restaurant was the strolling jazz band and eating on the garden patio.  The worst thing about the restaurant was the food.  This place used to be famous for their food, pretty much half the buffet was either an egg dish or had pecans added to it. Without a doubt the salad on the salad bar was bagged.  NASTY.  We would have been pretty sad had we paid full price for the slightly better than Old Country Buffet quality.  Still, the company was delightful and the music was cheerful and the flowers and fresh air divine!

After brunch we came back home and the family celebrating began.  Mr. Taffy sent me to my room  while they set up.  And since I didn’t have anything to do up there, I laid down and shut my eyes for a wink.  AMAZING!


This is what was waiting for me on the table!  Oh wow!


That one in the front there was called Bad Hair Day and tasted like burnt marshmallows.  Only Blue-Raspberry liked that one.


See the gold leaf on the top of that frontal beauty?


The one in the back there was my favorite, banana cream something or other, oh yeah!

This was so much more fun than a Costco Cake.  My husband knows me so well!  It was fun cutting into each one to see what lovely filling was inside.  We ate about half of them right then, everybody getting a taste of which ever looked appealing.

Then we put the littles down for Quiet Time while Mr. Taffy and Marshmallow took me shopping.  I ended up buying a Kindle with my birthday money, but I’m considering taking it back.  I don’t get the ad thing…I hate commercials.

We decided we needed a little exercise after all that eating, so we went for a family bike ride and then worked in the back yard for a couple hours.


Chocolate Taffy and I put together the Mother's Day trellis.  I LOVE IT!  It smells so good, it’s cedar.


And we worked on painting the shed.  We have a long way to go still, but at least we got started.  Banana Taffy made a fire to keep the bugs away and to burn some junk that was too big for the trash can.  We grilled for dinner, finished off the meal with the rest of the desserts and went to bed!  It was such a GREAT day!

My family loves me so much, each one in their own way really showed me that they do, whether it was the dinosaur card from Laffy or the Blue Crocs from Chocolate or the command to NOT buy anything for the kitchen from Banana, you guys are the best!  Thanks for giving me such an amazing day!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Oh what a blessed day!!!!
    I'm still amazed by the chocolate tower!!! WOW! YUMMY!!!
    Thankful you had a wonderful birthday♥
    jAMIE :)

  2. How fun! And happy birthday! Did you know that you can get the Kindle without the ads on Amazon? I love my Kindle - so many free book and it doesn't strain the eyes like a computer screen!


  3. Happy Birthday! What a special weekend your family planned for you - how very sweet!

  4. Happiest of days to you my friend! It looks like you had a wonderful time. AND let me say YUUUMMMM to the tower of desserts! :) May God truly bless you in this next year...may it be the best one yet!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! So happy for you, that your kids really acknowledge your special day like that.

    Wanted to also add, I like your new background, it's my style.


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