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I've mentioned ordering from Azure Standard before so I thought that I would show you what I got in my last order.  Before I started ordering from Azure I was completely overwhelmed by their website and all the products that they have available to order.  I was also confused by the shipping process, so much so that Mr. Taffy pretty much had to figure that out for me.  You probably won’t have near the trouble, I have an unhealthy aversion to the telephone.  It’s annoying sometimes, to both my husband and me.  I can call 911 when necessary though.  Smile


This is a picture of part of my order.  Everything basically comes in bags, which they ship in sealed boxes.  I ordered:

  • a gallon of wild berry raw honey
  • 25 pounds of organic cane sugar
  • Echinacea Tea
  • Cinnamon Chips (not like chocolate chips, just raw cinnamon to add to tea or cider or spice bags)
  • Coconut Oil
  • A case of Apple Chips-for snacks (not pictured)
  • a gallon of apple cider vinegar (not pictured)
  • sea salt
  • date sugar (just to try)
  • Wheat Germ-for granola
  • Rolled 9 grain Flakes for breakfast
  • Rolled Barley Flakes for Granola
  • whole wheat elbow macaroni
  • 25 pounds of red wheat flour
  • 75 pounds of red wheat berries
  • 50 pounds of raw sugar (Turbinado)

There were a few things that I tried to order that just didn’t come, like a Kombucha book and sprouted wheat sourdough bread.  My total with shipping was just under $300.    Basically everything that Azure sells is organic and GMO free.  They ship out once a month and once you set up an account you can just keep adding stuff to your cart as the month progresses, just be sure to “check-out” before the monthly deadline, otherwise you have to wait another entire month to order.  That’s what happened to me last month, I was so mad at myself! 

I’ve never ordered cold/frozen things from Azure but my friends have and they haven’t complained.  If you have specific food needs, like dairy-free or Gluten-free, Azure has tons of products for those needs as well.  I think their shipping is really reasonable too, mine was twenty two dollars for almost 250 lbs. of food! 

When you set up an account, you also will choose your drop off location, unless you are ordering an incredible amount of food, then they will just drive the semi to your house and deliver it.  I’m not entirely sure how my husband figured it out, but they have a handy dandy phone number that you can call for information-I’m sure YOU won’t have an issue with that!  haha!  I used to have to pick up my order about 40 minutes West of me, since then, my friend from our fellowship has become a pick-up spot, she orders enough from them monthly and doesn’t need my help but let’s me pick up there—she’s so SWEET! 

With the rising cost of food and the dangers in GMO’s and processed food, it really makes sense for a family, especially a big one, to order food through Azure.  But that’s just my opinion, take it or leave it!  lol

“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.”  3 John 1:2



Mrs. Taffy


  1. Thank you for sharing. My family is recently Gluten free. I will have to check them out and see if it's worth while. I know there is a GF co-op around me, and I'm not sure who they order from, I will have to ask.

  2. Interesting. I bet that stuff lasts you a while. (I don't know where you got that unhealthy aversion to telephoning, but it seems to be genetic!)

  3. If you don't know already, you should check out heavenly She has such wonderful information, and also purchases from Azure. She has some really wonderful recipes, tips, and LOTS of great information on godly marriages, homeschooling, and family. She does regular posts on food choices, and the quality of the food we eat, as well as so much more!

    Anyway, your post made me think of her and just thought you should check it out, if you hadn't already! :)

  4. Thanks Lisa! I'll check her out! :)

  5. How long will this last you? I am very interested in switching to organics but am nervous about the cost, as I feel things are already tight enough. But I do worry about the dangers in our food, even though I used to never think twice about it.

  6. Carolyn, Most of this food will last me quite a while. I'll probably go through all the oats and coconut oil this month, but the other stuff should last several months depending on how many loaves of bread and pans of granola I make. We'll probably eat all of the macaroni too. I'm always trying to stock up so I have some reserves for tight months.

    I didn't use to worry about the dangers in our food either, but as I was feeding more little people I started paying more attention. There's some scary stuff out there and still I believe in buying within our means. The Bible talks about everything being okay to eat if we eat it with prayer and sanctification and a thankful heart. Sometimes we just can't eat the best, then we just thank the Lord and trust Him. :) You could spend your whole life chasing after the most healthy foods to eat, while I think this is important, I also know it's a part not the WHOLE. I never want anyone to feel like I've put them in some kind of bondage because if they don't do XYZ than something "bad" will happen. God is in control, we just need to obey Him!

    Blessings to you friend!

  7. Oh no, you don't make me feel like I have to do anything. But I think that it's good to be aware. And I have felt that we can start incorporating more whole and healthy, some organic, foods into our diet. It will require more diligence and more work, but I think it's worth it. I just have to start. :) I'm planning to start small, with fruits and veggies and some grains, shopping at Costco (my mom has a membership). It is also a huge learning curve, I think. Learning to make meals and foods from scratch, using foods I've never really heard of. lol. But thank you so much for sharing!!

  8. I have an extreme aversion to the phone too! I really dislike talking on it...and I dislike calling people/businesses/dr.s....or anyone for that matter. :)


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