Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Feel and Find~Guide Craft Review


I have some good news and some bad news.  First the bad news, this is my final month being a member of the Guide Craft mom bloggers.  To say that this makes me sad is an understatement as being a blogger for Guide Craft has brought me and my children great joy.  The good news is, at the end of this review, you’ll be able enter a giveaway to win your own set of Feel and Find World Icons.


Have you ever played with anything like this before?  Even before being a Guide Craft Mom Blogger I recognized the value and benefit of this kind of sensory toy!  Inside the roomy cotton bag are 20 tiles and 20 shaped blocks.  They are made from Eco-friendly rubberwood, stained with low VOC aniline dyes. 

009                    012

When I first introduced this sensory toy I just let Laffy Taffy match up the shapes with the tiles.  We talked about what the different shapes were, what the different colors were.  This was like a puzzle and he really enjoyed it.


Then, so as not to overwhelm him, I would pick one or two colors of tiles and put only those corresponding shapes in the bag.  I would tell him reach into the bag and feel around, find a tile and then have him tell me what shape he thought he had.  About half the time he was correct.


Some shapes have very similar outlines, others are more obvious.  A lion and a hippo don’t feel that different initially, neither do a turtle and a leaf.  But that’s the whole idea of this sensory toy, to get them seeing with their hands.

021                 015

This sensory toy is safe for children 3 and up, but I wouldn’t hesitate to let a 2 year old or even a little younger than that, give it try with supervision. 


All matched up and sorted by color.  You could also sort by categories:  animals, shapes, etc. 

Guide craft sells this fantastic learning toy for $30.00.  You can also find it selling on Amazon for a little bit less.  This is definitely one of those things that would be a great asset to your preschool no matter what your teaching philosophy!

To win your own set, visit Xenia over at Thanks Mail Carrier!



Mrs. Taffy

Disclaimer-I was given the Feel and Find World Icons in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own, I was not paid.

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