Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Little Girls

Sometime last week I did a little photo shoot with my little girls.  They ended up with matching dresses and I have pictures of Strawberry and Bubble Gum around the same age also in matching dresses, it was the perfect opportunity for a copy-cat picture!





The quilt is VERY special to me.  My mom made it with the fabric that was used in my wedding.   The floral print is the bridesmaid’s dresses and the white is from the tablecloth.  She quilted tulips in the large white areas because tulips were my wedding flower.  I had a homespun garden brunch wedding

I tried so hard not to get the neighbors truck in the background, the ones with out the truck in the background, just didn’t have best faces.  Oh well, it was still super fun anyway and Bubble Gum and Marshmallow are great sports!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Just lovely! It is so fun to have copy cat pictures. :)

    The story behind the quilt is so cool. I love a good homespun wedding.

  2. I recognized the quilt right away - so cute with the little girls in the white dresses!


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