Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pig Pile~Review


As part of the Old Schoolhouse Crew, my very first review for the 2011/2012 review year is a funny game called Pig Pile.

This game is the winner of multiple awards!



Geared for children ages 7 and up.  But you can see Bubble Gum, who is 6, had no trouble learning the rules.  The game is a little Uno and a  little Skipbo and mixed up with a whole bunch of silly originality.


The object of the game is the be the first person to get rid of all of their cards and collect the most pigs.

Our whole family really enjoyed the game.  We only had two  complaints.  1) You couldn’t win based on strategy, you are basically at the mercy of whatever cards you got dealt in your Slop Card pile.  2) It didn’t move fast enough for the people with attention issues in this house (the parents).

Laffy Taffy LOVED playing with the pigs while the rest of us played the game. 


You can read the directions to the game herePig Pile retails for $15.95 and is appropriate for 3-6 players.  R & R Games, in their generosity, is giving each of my readers a coupon for 20% off any of the fun games they have on their website, valid until the end of the year.  If this interests you, just use the coupon code:CREW20

To see what other crew members thought, visit the crew blog!



Mrs. Taffy

Disclosure-As a member of the Old Schoolhouse Crew I was given Pig Pile in exchange for my honest review, I was not paid.


  1. Sounds fun! 2 of our favorite card games - Uno and Skip-bo!

  2. Love the pigs on parade. **grin** I have a short attention span when it comes to games, so that is always a helpful critique.


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