Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up~Week 3


How do I begin?  I hate getting behind!  I am a very motivated and some would say anal person.  I like getting things done, I like staying up to date on my business and I like things to run smoothly.  But you know, life doesn’t always run smoothly and I often can’t do the things I “want” to do in a day.  This week has been incredibly full.  I don’t like the word busy, though that’s accurate as well.  A few days this week I didn’t feel that great, Monday we only did a half day of school because I woke up with a MONSTER headache.  It finally went away, but it’s aftermath has definitely slowed me down.  Also we’ve been all about college this week. I’ll share about that in a minute. 


The joy of a perfect (for us) math program!  Excuse the bathrobe hanging on the window, we need a mini-blind to keep out the morning sun.


The joy of an older brother helping his younger sister with her science.  This just really blessed me, he had such a good attitude about helping her.


Helping me with a review of a teen writing magazine.

So on Tuesday night we had a Student Success Night to attend with Chocolate and Banana.  It was really interesting and really exciting.  It was all geared toward the homeschooled high school student and their having success taking college classes.  Lots of talks about time management and integrity and plagiarism and more time management.  They left the meeting both excited and terrified.  They have a lot on their plates.  I know they can do it though.  They have to keep a 3.5 grade point average to stay in the program.

Then on Thursday they, including Mr. Taffy and I and my little nursling, went to the actual college that they will be taking their PSEO classes through, for orientation.  The first half of the day was more talk on time management and integrity and computer stuff.  It was interesting and terrifying too.  I only heard things intermittently because of my little nursling but I was still glad I went.  And, can I just say that I’m glad that they don’t have to actually go to the college.  It’s a fine school, but I just think it would be too much for them and me both! 

While at the college they also got to get their pictures taken for their student I.D.s and they picked up their books, paid for by the generous tax payers of Minnesota.


If you ever wondered what $550 worth of college books looks like, here you go.  The economics books will be used for the entire year, the rest are just for the first semester.  An interesting note about college classes-1 semester of a college class is equal to a full year of a high school class.  Following that formula they will actually be getting 2 years worth of economics classes.  Interesting.  Thursday took a lot out of me.  I still haven’t been able to figure out why.  Maybe it was shoes I was wearing or the 16.5 pound baby strapped to my belly all day, maybe it was the emotions of realizing how the time with my boys home is getting increasingly shorter.  I hope you aren’t sick of hearing me say how proud I am of them.  They are just top-notch teens with a heart for the Lord and a respect for their parent’s that brings me an amazing amount of peace and comfort. 

I did do one fun thing this week, fun in a Suzy-homemaker way.


Remember the chair I bought at a garage sale earlier this summer?  I painted it black and put it on my front porch.  It was in my bedroom, but I wouldn’t let anybody sit on it anyway, so I decided to put it outside.  I love how it turned out.

This weekend my husband is working on swapping and reloading the computers.  We are giving Banana and Chocolate our laptops.  Lots of wiping and installing going on.  We have to get it done this weekend and it’s a slow process.

To my Garage Sale Treasure Buddies…I’m going to have to wrap it up for the season.  I’ll start back up promptly in April, possibly May if it hasn’t stopped snowing yet!  You guys have been the best to hang out with me all spring and summer!  Thank you!

Lord’s blessings to you all!


Mrs. Taffy

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  1. Love the looks great! Thanks for sharing about your week. I have a 7th grader & I know that high school is right around the corner. :)

  2. no more garage sales.....sad... I will be here bright eyed, chipper, and ready to go come April! :) Those posts were so much fun! I'll have to find some mom2mom or consignment sales to hold me over.

    We had a very off week over here too with not much schooling getting done. Our week was also very full. :)

  3. My oldest (who will be going off to college in a week) participated in a program that seems similar to the one your teens are participating in. It was scary (for mom especially) at first, but after a bit he got the hang for it. And having that experience certainly helps me feel better about sending him off to college now that he's finished with high school. At least I know he can handle the course work--doing his own laundry I'm not so sure about!

  4. I love how the chair came out! So warm and inviting, how nice of you to share it :). I am never tired of hearing about GREAT, Godly teens. It seems anymore that all we hear about are the ones who are struggling. We need to hear more about the successes! Praise God for your boys! (and girls :))

  5. Just had to comment, Love the chair too!
    Thanks for your comment on "in mommies shoes", I'm stepping out into new territory with that stuff. It's all God's bubbling up in me. He's so good, cause boy I'm not. (ha ha)

  6. I love hearing all about the college transition. You will enjoy all the new ideas your boys will bring home to discuss over the dinner table with you! It is a great experience and at the perfect time for them. They will also be a good example to your younger students! Love your chair project. It is beautiful!


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