Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cleaning out the Fridge



Years and years ago I read this book.  For whatever reason, this book made a profound impact on my home and the way I keep it for my family.  If I was dying of thirst, this book was the water that kept me alive, even though  I didn’t know I was dying of thirst at the time.  It really seemed to fulfill a need in me that I didn’t know I had.  I was probably 24 when I read it and 15 years later I’m still using the principles that I learned!  One of them is refrigerator maintenance.


The concept of having a fridge look cute or welcoming or cheerful or lovely on the inside was so strange, but made so much sense!  Think how many times you open the refrigerator in a day!  Isn't it nicer to open it and see order and sparkle than disorder and spilled ketchup? 

So I stared a weekly and sometimes biweekly habit of cleaning out my fridge.


This is the day before grocery shopping, so it’s looking a little bare in there.  I like to clean out the fridge BEFORE I go grocery shopping, it so much more fun to put away food in a clean fridge. 


I start by taking everything out.  Usually two shelves at a time.  It’s a good way to take inventory before grocery shopping too.


As I’m laying stuff out, I am also pitching nasty spoiled food.  It’s my goal not to have too much waste, but it still happens.  When the shelves are empty I quickly wipe them down and shine them up with a paper towel.  All empty containers go into a sink filled with soapy water.  I systematically go through each shelf and drawer, loading stuff back in once I finished cleaning each shelf off.  011

The whole process takes about 15 minutes.  If you’ve been neglecting your fridge it might take longer initially, but if you are consistently keeping it clean it only takes a little time.  When I only had a couple children I would keep a pretty bowl of fruit in the fridge and I used to have a really pretty glass pitcher that was almost gorgeous fill with juice or water sitting on the shelf.  Glass containers are prettier than plastic (and healthier too).


Other ideas for a lovely fridge:  keep the clutter off the front doors.  I’ve got all my little pictures and recipes stuck to the side that aren’t instantly visible to everybody.  That picture of Marshmallow is waiting for a frame, it won’t be there for long.  If you can manage it, I can’t at this point, but if you can keep from piling stuff on top of your fridge it will make it look neater too.  I try to keep the clutter up there minimal, but with a big family it’s hard finding places to put everything. 

I’m pretty sure the library carries this great book by Terry Willits, if you are looking for a book that’s easy to read and inspiring in a biblical sense, check it out!  Serve your family with joy!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Thank you! I'm going to look for this book at the library. I recently read Large Family Logistics. Have you read that one? It sounds similar. It too is great biblical advice for keeping a peaceful home. I just had my fourth baby and though that isn't large compared to many families, I was needing some help in getting things to run more smoothly. Now I'm off to take all those drawings off of the front of my refrigerator. What do you do with all your kids creations?

  2. Amanda, yes I've read that book, such a great resource!
    As far as my kid's creations go...I do keep a few really precious ones but most of them end up in the trash. I know, it sounds so harsh, but really I can't keep everything! If they are particularly proud of a picture I sometimes tape them up in the playroom. I get dozens of lovely art work every week from them! ;O) And I suggest they give them away...so I don't have to feel guilty about throwing them away. lol


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