Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up~Week 5

I took lots of pictures this week, to make up for the previous weeks.  There wasn’t anything particularly special about this week, but we made it through our 6th week of our new school year and I’m just feeling very happy about that. 

Preschool~Laffy Taffy (almost 4)


I laminated his name and he’s been having fun practicing writing it.


He actually had these in order, correctly, I think they must have gotten bumped off the table and put back wrong or something, he’s actually a little better at number recognition than his 6 year old sister, scratch that, WAY better is the correct description.


He loves the gluing!

1st Grade~Bubble Gum Taffy (six)


Fun with Song School Latin, last week and this week we learned animal names.


3rd Grade~Blue-Raspberry (8)


He’s getting straight A’s in 3rd Grade Math.  I <3 Teaching Textbooks!  Blue-Raspberry has also been using Easy Grammar 3/4, I am amazed at how quickly he’s picking this up.  Honestly, I can’t find the difference between this book at the one that is called Easy Grammar Plus for the highschool kids.  He’s going to be so much more prepared for the standardized tests this year!

9th Grade-Strawberry Taffy


Doing Latin Alive!  I splurged and bought the DVD’s to go with the workbook and I’m so glad I did.  She’s really picking it up and enjoying it.


Here’s a map she’s been working on for US and World  History.  She’s making a lovely notebook with the all the great books she’s read through Beautiful Feet.

10th/College~Chocolate Taffy (15)

I guess I didn’t get a picture of him working.  Wow!  This child is really starting to blossom, if it’s okay to use that term with a boy…he’s really enjoying his college courses and can’t stop talking about them.  I never really knew what Chocolates gifts were until recently.  I think he’s been blessed with the gift of teaching.  Tuesday night he talked to me for an hour straight, telling me all the details about his classes and what he’s learned.  I was laughing and laughing.  He was so animated and energetic!  And to top it off, this child, with the worst oral hygiene habits ever, didn’t have one cavity at his dentist visit this week!  Lucky!

11th/College~Banana Taffy (16)


This is how he feels…he took this picture himself.  He’s a little overwhelmed, but he’s committed.  I’ve had to give him a few pep talks, “Take it one day at a time.”  “You can do it!”  “Should I make some coffee?”  There’s a little learning curve there, but he will overcome! 


Getting ready to write his first paper for college!  (Ignore all that sugar…it’s actually for the bees, but my pantries are too full to store it.  Mr. Taffy has had to feed our bees sugar because the summer has been so weird.)  I’m so proud of my sons!

Just for fun~

020       023

Need to relieve some stress?  Just give your hair a little “do.”



Even though these two didn’t participate in the spraying, they had fun watching!  And laughing…and advising…see?  He can’t stop talking!  lol

The last thing I’ll share is the fact that my big sons are a little too busy now to do chores. Not the big stuff like chopping wood and mowing the grass, but little things like vacuuming and dusting.  So to rectify the problem, I’ve declared Friday afternoon clean up time.  After we give the homeschool room and playroom a good cleaning we move on to other areas.  All the little ones help.

026        031


It worked pretty good and now I have a clean house for the weekend!  I hope your week was wonderful too!


Mrs. Taffy

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  1. I love your number caterpillar and loved reading your blog entry I love to see the workings of families larger than mine (always scouting for ideas)

  2. Nice update...I loved looking and feel inspired! You do such a wonderful job!

  3. Loooove Bubble Gum Taffy's toothless smile! :) And the crazy hair. You are such an such an awesome mom! And the little people cleaning gives me lots of hope.. one day my little people will be able to REALLY help share the load! ;)

  4. I loved reading about your week. I am also always on the look out of how other people homeschool with different aged kids.

  5. Sounds like a great week! Love the ideas for the little ones, the caterpillar. Have a blessed weekend!

  6. It's my first time visiting your from the Weekly Wrap-Up and I just love the pseudonyms you've chosen for your kids. Such a cute idea!

    Sounds like you had a lot of great activities this week and I like the idea of Friday afternoon clean-up to get ready for the weekend. How wonderful that your son is so excited about his college classes that he is able to come home and teach you about them.

  7. Love seeing how everyone is doing. My favorite photo is the one of Banana Taffy! What a character!


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