Thursday, September 29, 2011

What’s happening on the Taffy Pull?

Well…first off, let me just say that I miss my blogging time!  My life has been so full of school and adjusting to having my sons gone two days a week that I haven’t been able to figure out when and how to blog regularly.  I think it must be  that time of year for many bloggers out there.  So I’m just going to do a newsy post, if you were my friend in real life this is the type of email you would get from me, along with some personal (to you) remarks. 

This week has been a little difficult for me.  I haven’t been able to do much school because my little ones have been in various of levels of illness.  Even little Marshmallow had a fever.  I can’t figure out why we have been having so much sickness in our house lately, but it’s getting old.  I don’t have much patience for sickness and honestly despise it…it does give me a chance to pray more and be more diligent in the supplements I give my children and how often I wipe down doorknobs and stuff. 

I used my Gymbucks today.  Have you heard of Gymbucks?  It’s like a 50% off coupon at Gymboree, they give them out during certain times of the year and you can redeem them certain times of the year, I like them because you can use them on clearance items!  So I ordered some things that the kids can wear for Christmas pictures.  So fun!  But that made me feel a little guilty, even though it was a good deal, so I made 4 ads on Craig’s List to sell some things we aren’t using any more.  I hope they sell! 

I’ve started a new thing where I buy 2 whole fryers at Sam’s club and then put them in my 2 crock pots (usually before I go to bed), let them slow cook and then debone them in the morning.  Then I have loads of chicken already prepared for dinners during the week.  It’s working really well.  I used to boil the chickens but it always made such a mess and I had to keep checking on it to make sure the water level didn’t get too low.  This is working much better for me.  We had Chicken soup and Pumpkin Rolls for dinner last night.  Since I wasn’t doing school I even had time to make an apple pie!  My feet hurt from all that time in the kitchen but it was worth it!

I was able to do some much needed yard work over the weekend.  I planted about 100 tulip bulbs and a few mums.  We also cleaned up the messy back yard.  I didn’t appreciate all the frogs that kept surprising me, but the kids had funny laughing at my screaming! 

I’m so excited because my mom is coming next week!  This will be the first time she’s been out here without me needing her help (wedding and births) so that means we get to have fun!  The kids and I are so excited!

It’s about lunch time here, I think I’ll make tuna melts  Strawberry is making dinner tonight!  Yay!  A little break!

I hope your week is going well!  If your week, like mine, has taken an unexpected turn, don’t stress, instead trust the Lord, knowing that He has ordered your steps and He could be using this time to teach you something new about Him or yourself!  He’s cool like that!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Yay for mom coming to visit! :) That will be so nice.

    We are having a hard time getting in the groove here this fall (and you have way more kids and balancing to do). I've been seeing that same theme with a lot of blogs I've read recently. Hopefully it will pass (and's driving me nuts lol).

    So sorry to hear about the sickness in your home. Praying for a restoration of health to you and yours.

    I must admit....I giggled when I read about your frog situation. I would've been like that if they had been spiders (actually, I probably would've ran in the house and hid), frogs don't bother me as much. :)

  2. I hope you get used to your new schedule and find some blogging time soon. I don't like the sickies either and am dreading winter. I hope everyone gets healthy and stays that way for a long time!

    We have toads and I scream in surprise when they pop out at me too. Can we count that as a cardio workout?

  3. Our week has been disjointed, different turns that I didn't create. We still seem to learn every day - but it hasn't been at a table or with pens and paper. I am glad for our home learning life, to be able to spend these weeks together, no note to the principal for being late or absent. I asked our "principal" today if we could have a no anything day. Dishes. Projects. Could we just be? He said yes. I love having my whole family with me for a day!


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