Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Abundant Living

When I reflect back on the past few days this is what comes to mind…abundant living.  At the close of yesterday I was overwhelmed with all the blessings that abound in my life, from the visit from my mom to the barn dance, from loving and like-minded friends to the joy the rebirth.

Dead to sin…alive to Christ.

We had an awesome day on Sunday, being witness to the baptism of two young people eager and heartfelt in their desires to worship and follow the One True God.


A private tucked away beach on a gorgeous lake in the east metro.  Look at all those amazing children!


The lovely young ladies who led us in worship.


Before the actually “drowning” our friends brother did some teaching about baptism and how they did them during the time of the early church.  He then asked the kids a series of questions about their faith and the step they were about to take.   Following the questions, each young person shared their personal testimony as to how they came to this moment.  It was so amazing!


Out into the chilly water they go!  The weather couldn’t have been any better, the fellowship couldn’t have been any sweeter and the hearts of these young people couldn’t have been any more tender towards the Lord.

This was Banana Taffy’s second baptism.  Weeks ago he came to Mr. Taffy telling him that needed to be baptized again.  How could we refuse!  It’s not a reflection of poor parenting or of bad choices, but it’s a reflection of a young boy becoming a man and learning to hear the voice of the Lord for himself.  This is our strongest desire!


Afterward they were anointed and prayed for!  We all rejoiced in their decision, in their rebirth, in the significance that this day will hold for them for the rest of their lives.


Thank you Lord for Abundant Life!  And that you give it so fully!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. awesome post! i actually just got done posting about hailey's baptism. it looks like you guys were very blessed.

  2. How wonderful!!!!! Thankful for our teens who WANT to follow Jesus♥ Such an amazing blessing to be their momma's :) God is so GOOD!!!
    Jamie :)
    (that sounds like I was the other mom... I wasn't, just happy to have God loving children)!


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