Sunday, October 16, 2011

Obedience & Keeping it really really real.

This post is actually about weight-loss, which to me translates to obedience.  You may have noticed the little weight loss ticker under my picture?  Isn’t it cute?  I’m honestly mortified to be putting my weight out there for the world to read…at least my little world, but something about putting it “into the light” takes away all the power of denial.  I’m blessed to be tall, so I probably don’t look like I weight that much…unless that’s just more of that denial.  And thankfully I don’t carry much weight in my face.  Maybe it’s because my husband is HUGE, so that makes me feel smaller too.  That was intentional by the way, marrying somebody bigger than me!  lol


Obedience comes in when I reflect on what I feel like the Lord told me to do years ago.  There’s just so many levels to it, but it can wrapped up in one word:  Self-Control.  That is a fruit of the Spirit after all so why in the world is it so hard?  I actually know the answer and while my spirit is willing, my flesh is weak.

I have two main eating triggers-

  • loneliness
  • tiredness

I can look back over my life and see that some of my greatest binges happened when I was alone, or feeling alone.  I was alone a lot and even in a house full of people I still go through periods of feeling alone.  It’s sad.  I’m working through that.

I’m pretty much tired on a consistent basis.  Partly because I’m eating too much and partly because I’m a busy mom, nursing a baby that doesn’t sleep through the night.  I’ve been that mom for years. 

Anyway, recognizing the triggers has helped me tremendously in discerning when and how to eat.  Plus I have this monstrous sweet-tooth…that’s another story.

Mr. Taffy bought us a treadmill.  It’s right in the middle of our family room.  I’ve been on it twice.  I don’t like it.  To me exercise feels like a waste of time…but I’m working through that too.  I cut out a picture of a lady in the Land’s End catalog, I liked her outfit, I removed her head and replaced it with my head.  I taped it on the wall above the treadmill.  I don’t honestly think I’ll ever be as skinny as her, but I would love to wear that outfit and have it look cute on me, maybe in a size 10, not a size 4.  I also posted the entire book of Ephesians 5.  Which is my motivational scripture for spending time on that treadmill.  That chapter deals with walking: in love, in the light, in truth, etc.  This is also the portion of scripture that talks about redeeming the time, which is what my ultimate goal is!


I know this post is getting long, but I have to share one more thing…Mr.Taffy and I have joined Spark’s People, to track both our nutrition and fitness.  It’s a free on-line program that helps you with your weight-loss goals.  It’ s a little tedious entering all the recipes that we normally eat in there, but it’s effective.  We started last Sunday and Mr. Taffy has already lost 12 pounds, I have lost 6.  It’s working!  If you want to join and be friends, here’s my homepage:  Mrs. Taffy  I would love some company on there!


I’ve been experimenting with some of my recipes to tone them down a little  and I have two to share with you that I have revamped, they are both delicious and healthy.  I will be posting those soon!


Thanks for listening!  Mr. Taffy and I will be doing our weigh-ins on Sunday’s so hopefully my weight-loss ticker will reflect some good progress!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. I think you are beautiful just as you are, but you should be happy too so YOU GO GIRL! You are one busy woman - and its the hardest thing to have a big family and try to diet. Too many temptations. But you can do it. And I'm sorry I gave you the sweet tooth gene! I think I got it from grandpa!

  2. Thanks so much for your honesty. I am right there with you!!!!! (Fellow Totally Tots writer :))

  3. Your Moms' right! Your beautiful just the way you ARE! But I totally get it...everything you's such a struggle!
    I am down 25 lbs in the last few months. It's ALOT OF HARD WORK! Sure doesn't come off easy! But it's so worth it!
    The treadmill, I hate it too...hate to take 30 mins out of the day to get on it, but I ALWAYS feel so much better afterwards! I've been running again and I love seeing my times drop and my distance increase!
    OH I'll be praying for you :))
    And yes, your very brave putting your weight out there!!!! I couldn't do it, not til I'm 140 :))
    ((Hugs))and BLESSINGS~~

  4. I know putting your weight out there is not easy, but it was really motivating for me when I did so after the last pregnancy. Of course, I got pregnant again when he was only 4 months old, so it didn't last long...LOL. I plan to do it again and check in weekly on my blog after this baby (#7) arrives in January. I'm going to need the motivation!

    Way to go, it will be fun to read your journey!

  5. My husband and I just started our own weight loss journey! We're both focused on getting to a healthier weight. We're watching what we eat, making heathier choices, watching the amounts of what we eat, and getting a LOT more exercise. We've been taking family walks each evening. We've incorporated the children and that's really opened up the family to a lot more conversation while we walk. . . it's great!

    I look forward to seeing your recipes! Post as many as you can, we can all use more options in feeding our families healthier! Just wanted to pop in and let you know that you're among friends and wish you blessings on this new endeavor!

    God Bless!
    schroepfer 7 (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. You guys are the best! Thanks so much for your encouraging words, they really help and I'm really hungry! lol

  7. I appreciate and admire your willingness to be honest and to actually put your weight on your ticker, as well as to be honest about what causes you to eat. I can relate to much of what you said, though my weight has only begun to creep up the past few years. I am sure that you will have success with this because you are focusing on the right things. All the best to you and I look forward to following along!

  8. Hey! We are at the same weight. Well, my scale likes to say 220, but I feel a bit more like 190. ;) I thought I was the only one that married a larger husband on purpose. Ha! We too have been working on portions, calories, exercise. Having a son reach 6 foot tall - reminding each other we're growing out, not up. Getting him the protien he needs, without limiting what his body needs, I'm sure you're going through the same things with your tall sons! I have been heading out in exercise when I don't wanna lately - and feeling the jeans become a bit more loose, the shirt a bit more baggy, and I'm dedicated not to gain ten pounds this winter!

  9. I appreciate your honesty. I have been struggling with my weight too and self image. I will look you up on Spark People once I get myself set up. Blessing on your journey and do keep your recipes coming.

  10. Yay Jacquelin! I will love having the company!!

  11. You rock! It is so great that your husband is joining this journey with you! I look forward to you sharing your recipes with us!

  12. Great start! I've had a similar journey with the constant lack of sleep, etc. I also would be extremely happy with a size 10! That is my goal and to lose about 18 more pounds.

    Anyway, I'm cheering for you!

  13. I am soooo with you!!! Those are my same eating triggers. Those and STRESS! LOL! :) I started using the LoseIt app on our iPad and having my weekly progress emailed to my husband. I've lost about 6 pounds in two weeks, which is good for me. The self-control is the hardest for me too and also add in the fact that pre-babies I was pretty slim without ever dieting or working out. I am so jealous that weight doesn't show in your face, because it is sooo evident in mine! Thank you for your honesty and I'll be praying for and thinking of you as I move along on my weight-loss journey as well! Oh and THANK YOU for the healthy but yummy recipes!!!


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