Saturday, October 15, 2011

Show me the Money! {part 2}


The topic of this post is making a homeschool budget.   I always giggle when I hear people talking about making a  budget…not because I think it’s funny, but because I’m married to a very “visionary” man and making a budget is akin to running for president.  It might be a noble idea, but it’s just not gonna happen!  Maybe you are married to somebody like this too, or maybe you are this person and it’s just impossible to make a budget and stick to it.


Because I’ve been married to my husband for almost 19 years and because I’ve been homeschooling for at least 13 off those years, I figured out a way to get what I need, when I need it that doesn’t include the word budget, at least not in the true definition of the word.

Way back at the beginning of my homeschool journey, when Mr. Taffy was making $15.00 an hour and I was home with three little ones I got frustrated with having to ask for money intermittently throughout the year. I also got a little tired of trying to explain every little thing I wanted to buy for the children and why. My husband has a short attention span and can’t spend very long listening to me go on and on about the curriculum and books I like. So I decided to make a homeschool proposal.


Each year after Christmas I would start brainstorming and researching what and from where I was going to buy our books. After I figured it out, I would write it all up in a very “professional” looking document, complete with prices and totals. I would even include things like book shelves and pencils.  Then I would give it to Mr. Taffy to approve. You know what? He’s always approved! And since I made the proposal so early in the year, we were able to take that money out of our tax return and set it aside for the appropriate time to buy. I still do this! It’s also a great way to get through the mid-winter homeschool blues that sometimes sneaks into homeschool households after Christmas.

Besides my New Year’s Proposal there are so many websites with FREE stuff for homeschoolers. Some of my favorites are: 


These sites offer worksheets and lapbooks and unit studies all for free! Somebody else did the work of compiling the information and posting the links, all you have to do is click and print and reserve some books at the library! 


Another way I like to earn money separate from the regular household income for homeschool supplies is through selling books at either used-curriculum sales or on Amazon.  In turn, you can usually buy things that you might want or need at the same places. I’m always happy to come out of a sale breaking even! 


Stuff to sell.

Visit my Crew Mates to see how they budget their homeschools! (They will be available on 10/18)  Blessings on an amazing journey of learning!


Mrs. Taffy

P.S.  I’ve written a similar post about the affordability of homeschooling, if that interests you, click here.


  1. Great idea! You could apply the idea of creating a proposal in to many other aspects of life too!

    Also, we awarded you and your website with the Liebster Blog Award today. You can view that post here:

    We love your blog! Thanks!

    Pam from

  2. That is a wonderful idea! My husband is very much into the 'budget' (I'm not so much...). He is also very professional and I like your proposal approach. I am going to try that. We have almost all that we need for the next year but for just a couple of things.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is Mr. Taffy here... I might also add that because my wife goes through these extra steps it helps me to be of the same mind as her in the approach to homeschooling our children. Some may feel that a husband should just trust his wife or that this is really a bother over something that should be known if a husband were involved more... However, by putting the information in a format that I understand, it helps me to see what might be missing that she may not have even requested. Several times, I have given more than what is on the proposal. Lastly, there is no "right" method... this is just one that worked for us and our personalities. I love you Mrs. Taffy! You are a superb wife for me and mother to our children!

  4. It's great that you and your husband are on the same page about homeschooling. A "proposal" sounds like a great way to keep him informed!


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