Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weight-loss Journal {2}


Today was our weigh-in.  My husband called me back to his office fairly early in the day, BEFORE, he ate breakfast.  Funny and a little unfair…I had already eaten.  lol


I’m happy to report I’m down another 3 1/2 pounds!  Yay!  I was discouraged earlier this week because I was SO hungry, pretty much ALL the time.  My aunt, who knows a lot about food and gets paid to tell people what to eat, gave me some helpful advice and I’ve been using some of her ideas.  The main one being that since I’ve got type O blood, to try and incorporate eating in a way that benefits my blood type.  Which basically means no gluten, corn and limiting eggs, lots of protein.  Being as I’m the only one in my house with type O it’s proving to be a little challenging, doable but challenging.  Thankfully oatmeal is on the neutral list, I eat a lot of oatmeal. 

Some thoughts for this week~

  • I really like having my clothes fit better.
  • It’s getting easier to “run” on the treadmill, but the treadmill got returned because of a manufacturer defect, we haven’t been able to find a suitable replacement.
  • I don’t really like to eat salad, unless it has some chips crunched up in it.  We discovered some good root vegetable chips, they are made with sweet potatoes from different countries and they taste amazing on a salad.
  • A burrito bowl from Chipotle will keep me full for half a day!  Oh how I love a burrito bowl! 

  • If I put a scoop of Starbuck’s hot-chocolate in my morning coffee it has less calories than cream and sugar and tastes just as good!

Some goals and rewards~

I’ve decided to make some goals for myself.  It’s hard for me to think beyond food though, you know, food as a reward.  Here’s some short-term goals I’ve come up with, they may change over time.

  • Get below 200 by Thanksgiving~Reward: Pedicure with my best friend (Mr. Taffy)  lol  He’s got to love the foot massage part, I just want to have pretty toe-nails.
  • Have my actual weight and my driver’s license agree with each other (180)~Reward:  I’m thinking I’m going to get myself a pair of Keen’s here.  I’ve been wanting a pair but haven’t wanted to spend the money, this would be a good excuse.

I might need a goal between the first one and the second one, 20 pounds seems like it might take awhile, maybe not.  He’s already dropped below 300 and I told him he has to stop telling people he weighs over 300 pounds, if he says it again he’s going to have to give a hundred dollar bill to do with as I please…got to change some how!  lol

Do you have any suggestions as rewards that aren’t food related?  The rewards can include the whole family since that would motivate them to help me stay on the straight and narrow also!

I think that wraps up this edition of my weight-loss journal.  It’s only been two weeks and I have an incredibly long “weigh” to go, but if I keep things in perspective and take each day as it comes, I will be happier in the end and even if I don’t lose any weight, at least I won’t be gaining any, hopefully!

Thanks for keeping me company on this journey!  Your kind thoughts and encouraging words have meant more than you can know!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Good for you!!!! Must be the season of motivation because mine kicked back into gear these last couple weeks. I've actually been riding a stationery bike while watching an episode of the biggest loser lol (all 12 seasons are available streaming through Netflix). I have heard a lot about eating for your blood type lately. I may have to look into that because I am hungry All. the. time.

  2. Amazing progress!

    When I was in the beginning of my weightloss after my last babe I rewarded myself with a fun pair of socks every five pounds. I was losing slowly so a five pound reward was better than waiting 2+ months for a ten pound treat. I love cute socks so that was good for me! Now that I'm closer to my goal I'm rewarding myself by only wearing clothes that fit and flatter. I have a stack of things to get rid of!

    I'm not a type o but I eat more like an o than any other type. I eat lots of lean protein and low carb veggis. Today I'm having a treat of hot chocolate which I made with stevia, cocoa powder, a little coconut milk, and water. Yum!

    I hope you have another amazing week!

  3. I had heard of eating for your blood type but hadn't really dug into it, YET. I'm O blood group as well. Amazing, how I've been trying to follow an anti-candida diet which includes no corn, gluten type flours, etc and basically eating mostly green veggies (I feel wonderful when I keep it up), which seems similar to what you've mentioned. I totally relate to your food dilemma. I remember growing up and even to this day not really feeling great after eating certain foods. Do you know any websites or book that your aunt suggested to you that may help me out. Thanks, MO

  4. You are doing great! Keep a list of the food that is low-cal that you LIKE and keep you full, so you can refer to it when you are getting so hungry and not thinking clearly! I like the idea of a treat every 5 lb - Maybe a new book? Start a hobby that is so much fun you don't want to stop to eat.

  5. MO-My Aunt recommended the magazine Living Without, I reserved a bunch at the library. I have no idea what they are about other than there are recipes for gluten-free baking mixes in them. Have you ever read the Blood Type Diet book? I read that years ago and if you can overlook his evolution slant, it's good information.

  6. Thanks. Heard of that book, and totally forgot about it.

  7. GREAT job!!!! Anything that brings you pleasure is a great reward! Keens sound LOVELY!!!! That actually is my reward those Keens♥♥
    GOD BLESS!!!


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