Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Adding in some Easy Art~Artistic Pursuits Review


As a member of the Old Schoolhouse Crew I’m happy to share with you a recent product that I reviewed.  Artistic Pursuits is a very doable and gentle approach to learning and teaching art. 


With some very basic supplies and the ability to read and follow directions I was able to let my children explore and learn.  I love ART, but I hate “doing” art.  It’s so messy…takes so much time to set up and clean up…But Artistic Pursuits has done a really good job making all those jobs easier for me.  While the book can’t clean up after itself (wouldn’t that be nifty?!) it does make the lessons simple and non complicated with lots of warning as to what we will be doing ahead of time so I’m not standing there going, “where’s the….?”




Drawing, coloring and then later painting with water, a “happy memory.”



And while the lesson was to paint a picture of a wonderful day she had, she draws what she wants her future to look like-all things barns and horses.  That’s okay, art can be flexible like that.  Here’s a sample lesson to check out.


Isn’t it pretty? And it wasn’t messy at all!  She was so happy with her creation!  And I was so happy to give her this time to explore water colors.  Another thing I really liked is that there were examples in the book of what other children made for the same assignment.  That took the pressure off for them to make their art as perfect at the “master” they were learning about.  We have had meltdowns in the past when a certain art book made them feel like their drawing had to be as good as the example.

Even I gave it a try.


I’ve never used water color crayons before.  It was pretty fun!


Even my little guy tried out a drawing.  He always loves to be included.


    • Written to the student - NO teacher preparation is needed
    • Complete art history - Examining works of the Great Masters
    • 32 projects in each book include drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and more!
    • Easy organized system for handling materials
    • Sharp color images printed on bright heavy-weight paper, soft bound(From the Website)

I reviewed the first book in a series of 3 aimed at children in grades K-3.  Artistic Pursuits sells this non-consumable book for $42.95 , they also sell Art Supply Packs.  We’ve only gone through 5 Lessons, but as soon as we finish this book I’ll be getting the next one.  This is art even an art-phobic mom like me can handle!

To see what the other members of the Crew thought of Artistic Pursuits and to check out different levels of books, visit the Crew Blog!



Mrs. Taffy

Disclaimer-I was given this Art Curriculum for the sole purpose of this review.  All opinions expressed here are my own, I was not paid.


  1. We loved the book we reviewed from Artistic Pursuits also. I wish I could buy all of them! They are on my dream list. We have never tried watercolor crayons either. They look neat.

  2. I'm loving the watercolor crayons too! Was fun to splurge on them!! Love the happy memory/future life paintings :)




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