Monday, November 28, 2011

Homeschool happenings

It’s been a while since I’ve shared what we are up to on our homeschool front.  I have lots to share.

Earlier this month I registered Banana Taffy and Chocolate Taffy for their second semester of College.  It’s going by so fast, I can hardly believe it!  They have finals over the next few weeks, each class seems to do it a little differently.  Friday night Banana Taffy has his final business presentation, we found a suit for him to wear.  Be still my heart…he’s looking like a young man!  Here’s what they are taking next semester:

Banana Taffy~

Principles of Marketing

Communication in Business

Principles of Management


Chocolate Taffy~

General Psychology

American Literature

Health Education


We’ve also made an agreement…since they are only taking 12 credits, they are also going to fast track their way through their Geometry book and study to CLEP out of Biology. 

It’s actually going to be nice because all of their classes are on the same day, so it’s less driving during the winter.


Strawberry Taffy is plugging away.  She’s finished her first novel using Write the Novel Way.  She’s patiently waiting for me to get it printed for her.  She’s about done with her Composer’s Study and is about to start her second unit in Excellence in Literature.  I let her take a break after the first unit on short stories so that her history and literature would be in sync, she’ll be reading Around the World in 80 Days for both classes at the same time. 


We have just three weeks of school between Thanksgiving break and Christmas break so we are taking this time to do some fun things.  We are still doing math and Latin.  On black Friday I took advantage of some deals at Hands of a Child.  Two of the things I ordered (downloaded) we unit study lapbooks. The one we are doing this week is on the book Katy and the Big Snow.


It’s for grades PK through 3rd grade.  Perfect for what I have here!  Even Laffy Taffy can participate.  It took a long time to print out all those little things and cut them up and organize them.  But it was totally worth it!


The next two weeks of school we’ll be doing a horse study in honor of Bubble Gum’s recent obsession with horses.  I haven’t started printing and cutting all that stuff yet, but I did reserve some books at the library!


Sweet Marshmallow, she got to check out the Little People Nativity today!  She especially loved sucking on the lambs!  (See the hand print on the side of her forehead?  She woke up like that, she must have been sleeping on her hand.)


That’s about it!  We are just moving along, slowly but surely.  Soon I’ll be ordering tests and packing up stuff to take to a used curriculum sale!  Time just moves by so fast!

Hope your homeschooling is going well too!


Mrs. Taffy

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  1. I love the background for Marshmallow's pic. She looks so studies playing by the encyclopedia! Your boys are doing great!


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