Friday, November 11, 2011

Soy and Chocolate DO NOT go together!

A bit of a misleading title, but it serves my purpose.  I’m not talking about chocolate (lowercase c as in the yummy stuff I often crave) I’m talking about Chocolate (capital C, also know as My SON.)  Phew, lot’s of punctuation marks there…

I have been on a mission to get my son well.  All his life he’s had some stomach irritation or some skin irritation.  When he was a baby, we thought it was milk and he spent a lot of his post-nursing babyhood drinking Rice Milk.  He seemed to be fine but this past year his skin has gotten consistently worse, as in red, itchy, peely.  UGLY.  His troubling spots were his “inverse elbows,” neck, head, hands and eyelids.  Poor kid, to say he had raccoon eyes would be an understatement.  Well, we tried taking him off milk again, to see if there was some improvement, we did see a tiny little bit, but not enough.  I still wasn’t satisfied.  Then something really interesting happened.  Chocolate went out for coffee and had them replace the milk with soy milk.  Wow, did he have a reaction to that, like instantly!  It was a blessing in disguise and it revealed the real source of his allergy-SOY!

2011 Portraits 078

So we have been going through the house and the food we normally buy and getting rid of all the soy.  I never realized how much soy is in EVERYTHING that we eat, even healthy stuff!  He’s making great improvements in the condition of his skin and by his own admission, he is starting to feel better.  I am so thankful for resources like Trader Joe’s and Costco and Azure that offer healthy choices, soy free.  Chocolate is out hunting this weekend and Mr. Taffy and I went to a local health food store and read label after label after label.  We found him his favorite snacks, all soy free!  To say I’m thankful is an understatement, to say he’s thankful is an even GREATER understatement.  This boy LOVES chips and crackers and CHOCOLATE!


This is my new favorite magazine!  My aunt recommended it and my library carries all the back issues.  I love it so much I even asked for a subscription for Christmas.  I’m learning so much about cooking for people with food allergies and sensitivities.  And while we don’t have serious issues like Celiac and Autism, it’s still such great information.  And since I’ve been trying to eat Gluten Free as per my blood type, this magazine has been invaluable for that.  Today I made my first batch of Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookies!  Yum!  Yum!

It’s so great to finally know what’s causing his problems to get him well!




  1. How great to find the culprit! You may also be able to search plants that are related biologically and find other things to avoid too.

  2. I'm so glad you figured out what was bothering your son! It's hard to watch them suffer and not know what to do.

    I almost picked that magazine up yesterday but figured many of the recipes would have sugar in them so skipped it. I'll have to actually open it and check next time I see it.

  3. Glad you figured it out!

    I was just talking to a friend of mine about how even tortillas have soy in them! But Trader Joe's saves the day there too-- they have soy free tortillas.

  4. AGH! Soy AND high fructose corn syrup~ it's in EVERYTHING!!! I, too, am so thankful for Azure! I can get good organic produce :)
    Jamie :)


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