Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After Christmas Catch-Up!

Just like you I have been super busy, busier than normal it seems!  We’ve celebrated Christmas, we’ve cleaned up from Christmas, we’ve started a new project, visited some friends and spent a lot of time talking about the weather!

Here’s some highlights…pictures are better than words in most cases.


These are the kids gifts to each other.  They draw a name to see which sibling they are buying for.  They opened these presents on Christmas Eve, right after we ate a lunch of frosted sugar cookies!  Ahhhh…traditions!


This is Mr. Taffy’s creation, it’s him and me…so funny and disgustingly sweet, just like the two of us!  hahaha!


Waiting patiently to open gifts!


Laffy Taffy and Blue-Raspberry drew each other’s names.059            060

He looks pretty happy huh?  It’s a watch if you can’t tell.


Banana and Bubble Gum drew each other’s names.  See the paper on his head?  That’s how she unwrapped everything, paper was flying EVERYWHERE!


Get ready Banana….she’s about to smother you with JOY!


I hope you took a deep breath before that squeeeeze!


Strawberry and Chocolate drew each other names.  Isn’t it funny how they paired up?  She gave him a book and a watch, he gave her an all-purpose pocket knife tool, in hot pink!


Our dessert table.  Everything is soy-free except the chocolate things.  Though I did make some special soy-free chocolate treats for Chocolate Taffy, I just didn’t put them out for everybody.


Christmas morning.  It’s our tradition to hide the kid’s stockings so they go looking for them whilst I make the coffee!  Then they all have to wait until Mr. Taffy and I are settled in with coffee cup in hand, then they can start digging!  It’s loud and messy and really fun!


Another tradition we have…I can’t exactly remember when it started, is to give the children 3 gifts each.  We open them one at a time, youngest to oldest. It helps make the morning last longer and helps with growing and nurturing patience and joy for others.  I bought most of those gifts for Mr. Taffy.  He’s lost so much weight he needs new clothes, especially under garments!  He stocking was full of socks and underwear.  Not that exciting, but socks for his king size feet are expensive!


This was the gift I was most excited about!  Are you ready for the reveal?


He blogged all about it here! 

Here’s the gift run-down if you are interested in that sort of thing:

Banana-Cowboy hat, 2 Missionary books and Cross Necklace.

Chocolate-A complicated Tank Model with Marines to build, Lego Book and Remote Control Helicopter.

Strawberry-My old Kindle  (Yipee) and 2 CD’s that she REALLY wanted and a wedge book light.

Blue-Raspberry-An indoor scooter, legos and another set of legos.

Bubble Gum-3 different Melissa and Doug Horse toys, one was a stamp set.

Laffy Taffy-A Lightening McQueen sleeping bag, a stuffed sword and a learning toy that uses a “real” drill.

Marshmallow-We didn’t really buy her anything.  She got a few things from other people but not us.


And me…I got a Kindle Fire!  Sweet!  I got to open it a little early though.  It wasn’t supposed to be here until Christmas Eve, but it came early!  I love it!  Mr. Taffy actually bought me a few things for it, like a digital magazine subscription and a book about the evils of soy.  Did I mention I’m having a little fun playing Angry Birds?  What a waste of time!  Fun though!  It’s a nice distraction from the mess that is my house…ugh.

I took down all our Christmas decorations yesterday…they started to crowd me!  It was a wonderful celebration, all but the weather, which makes us long to dig in the garden, not hunker down by the fire with our gifts!  I’ll tell you about our “project” soon! 

I pray your Christmas was wonderful and memorable and full of joy! 


Mrs. Taffy


  1. I love this post! I am a new follower and I love your blog! I love the idea of having your kids search for the stockings while you and Mr Taffy get coffee. Coffee is important! We too give our children 3 gifts and I am grateful for this tradition as I am learning they get a lot of gifts from our extended family. Thanks for sharing your Christmas morning with us!

  2. Oh, so nice to visit you on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Thank you for sharing! I miss having little ones on Christmas morning!


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