Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Date-Night

Even during Christmastime it’s important for a husband and a wife to have some time together, alone!  And lately I’ve been feeling even more conviction to make sure I plan things just for my husband and I.  It’s so easy for us to get wrapped up in the lives of our children and our work and then forget to focus on our first loves-each other.  The best gift we can give our children is parent’s who love each other and delight in each other time and presence.  So, in the spirit of all that I bought Mr. Taffy tickets to see Triple Espresso. 


It’s a comedy act, a clean comedy act.  Oh my so funny too!  We went years  and years ago and then all of a sudden they were back in town, we HAD to go!  I had to be pretty sneaky to make it a surprise.  Thankfully my sons have their own checking accounts and check visa’s so they could get the tickets for me, paying them back was a little trickier, but it all worked out.


We had seats right on the floor in front of the stage.


Initially when I gave him the tickets he wasn’t too excited about it.  After all, we have seen the show before.  But I wasn’t discouraged, after the show was over, he thanked me numerous times.  It was so fun!  Fun to laugh and be together, fun to finish our sentences and thoughts without the usual interruptions, fun to feel young and in love!  Nothing makes me happier than walking next to my husband, being his bride and sharing our “inside jokes,” and making everybody think we are newly weds! 

Fight for you marriage, even during Christmastime!!  Protect it, nurture it and let it bring Glory to God!


Mrs. Taffy


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