Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Day in My Life (12-12-11)

Personally, I think these types of posts are interesting.  I also realize that they could cause some trouble.  On the one hand some of you might get inspired on the other hand some of you might feel overwhelmed.  On one hand you might think I’m “tooting my own horn” or you might think “That’s ALL you do all day?”  Still some others might be a bit disappointed because you won’t see any “quiet-time” in there any where, no any personal bible study or prayer time.  And honestly when I was writing out my day I thought, oh I better do something “spiritual” lest anyone think I’m not!  haha!  This is just an honest day in my life.  Just because I didn’t sit down and read my Bible, doesn’t mean I wasn’t constantly in communion with God!  My thoughts are always on Him, checking in with Him to see if I’m doing what He wants, if I’m missing anything.  I didn’t talk to my husband until the evening, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t married to him during the day.  Think on that a while…Smile

4:55-Got up, got dressed etc., woke up Mr. Taffy

5:30-Checked email, sent email, read blogs, made coffee, checked the mouse traps (YUCKY!) Addressed 2 Christmas Cards and a package.

5:40-Told Laffy Taffy to go back to bed. 

6:00-Made fruit salad for breakfast and made Mr. Taffy a turkey bacon and cheese omelet w/fruit salad for breakfast, and made his coffee and lunch too.

6:20-Since Laffy Taffy is allowed to get out of bed at 6, he was up and I sent him to wake up the rest of the children.

6:30-started making omelets for everybody. 

7:15-cleaning up from breakfast, washing dishes and brushing hair.  Everybody goes to make their beds after breakfast too.

7:30-Marshmallow wakes up and Mr. taffy leaves for work, “by honey!”  Change baby and make my bed.  Call for certain people to come back upstairs to do a better job making their beds!  lol

7:45-carrying everything down to the school room-book basket, lap top, baby monitor, coffee.  Get set up for school.

8:00 Start school with Blue-Raspberry, Bubble Gum and Laffy Taffy.  We read 3 chapters in White Stallion of Lipizza.  This is part of our horse unit study/lapbook that we are doing.  Such a great book!


They each did a lesson in Math and we are in a review chapter in Song School Latin, so we did some reviewing too.  Laffy Taffy worked on his J is for Jesus stuff from Confessions of a Homeschooler and he did some stenciling too. (We are in “fun school” mode, it’s pretty light until after the New Year.) Somewhere in there I switched the laundry nursed the baby and laid the baby down for her morning nap.


9:45- Organized all the printables I have been cutting and laminating.  FUN!  Switched the Laundry again.


10:00-Vacuumed the laundry room and the playroom rugs.  They were bad!

10:15-Marshmallow woke up, needed a diaper change a nursing session.

10:40-Started making lunch-Broccoli Cauliflower Soup, bread, fruit.  Also, got Mr. Taffy’s lunch ready for tomorrow (left over soup, bread, raw cauliflower)

11:10-Lunch time!  We ate and I read a chapter in Tabitha’s Travels.  We started late so we are really far behind in our book!

11:40-Lunch is over, we clean up and I run down to switch the laundry real quick.  Also start the diaper load.

12:10-Nurse Baby and sit down to write this post! 

12:30-Put little ones to quiet time, put baby in the pouch on my back and iron Mr. Taffy’s work shirts!  Big ones are going to watch Les Miserables for a review I’m doing, I’m going to watch it too while I’m ironing! (Disappointing movie-FOTF Radio Theater is WAY better!)

1:30-Done ironing.  Switching the laundry for the final time today.  Played with Marshmallow and watched the movie with the teens.

2:30-quiet time over.  Made a snack of hot chocolate and trail mix and dried mangos.  Also, sent Banana and Strawberry on two errands-to the Post office and the library!  Love having a driver home during the day!


3:00-let the little ones play with homemade play dough while I started dinner. Laid baby down for a nap.


3:15- Errands runners got home and brought the mail in with them!  Love getting mail this time of year!  3 packages and 4 Christmas Cards and 1 magazine!  Jackpot!

4:00-Fish Chowder is underway.  Cleaned sunroom.





4:30-baby up, nursing session.  Made garlic cheese biscuits.


5:00- Called Mr. Taffy (first time all day) to see when he would be home.  Made Marshmallows dinner.

5:30-Dinners on the table. (Mr. Taffy calls me back and I talk to him throughout all of dinner and clean up too.)


6:00-Cleaning up dinner.

6:30-Orchestrate bathtime and put away laundry at the same time.  Baths or showers for everybody 8 and down, fingernails trimmed, teeth and hair brushed. 

6:50-I let kid’s open a present that came in the mail today as per our tradition!  Fun!

7:10-Everybody 8 and down is in bed, except the baby. 

7:30-The teens finish the rest of their movie. I lock myself in my room to wrap presents and get a package ready to ship to WA.  (it’s on it’s way mom!)  I also tried on some skirts that have been too tight, they aren’t tight anymore!!

8:30-Spend time talking to Mr. Taffy about his day.

9:00-Snuggle time in bed with Marshmallow and Mr. Taffy.  Watched Hawaii Five-O.  (sheepish grin)

10:00-Light’s out.

Then I got woke up various times throughout the night by my power-nurser and started all over at 5:00 am Tuesday!

I’m finished this post up on Tuesday so I added some commentary (in italics).  There were moments of joy and frustration throughout the day too, this is just a task list, it leaves out the happy moments and the loud moments and the discipline sessions.  They were all there though, just like your day! Each day is unique, yet similar.  There’s always something to do, always somebody to teach or feed, always a prayer being sent up, always a mess to straighten.  This is the life of a Mom.  It’s a good life and one I am abundantly Thankful For!

If you want to write out your entire day and link it up, I would LOVE to see what you’ve been up too!  I bet many of you get more done in a day than I do!

23 And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, 24 knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ. Colossians 3


Mrs. Taffy



  1. Fun! I may try to do this soon.... Things have been crazy here and I've been feeling a little run down so I've backed away from my blogging a bit. You are one busy momma! Managing a household is such a unique job. I don't think there is another job that even touches it! And there is rarely an off duty moment! You have been an amazing inspiration and encouragement to me....thank you!! :)

  2. wow im tired just by reading all you fit into a day lol seven comes too early for me no way I could get up any earlier and bedtime has been nine, hopefully once I start losing more weight Ill have more energy

  3. I loved reading this! I only wish I had such a handle on my days (and I only have 2 little ones). Thanks for sharing!


  4. Boy, am I tired! I've got just the 4yo, and it takes pretty much all my energy keeping up with her... :)

  5. I admire you mom's with a bigger age range of kids! My four are six and under, and sometimes days are beyond crazy here! I can't imagine how different it is to switch amongst ages like that! But so much fun too I bet! Thanks for sharing, have a great day!


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