Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Christmas Baby

Today was such a happy day!  Today we celebrated Blue-Raspberry’s 9th birthday.  He was so excited and the day before his birthday he was reporting the time to me every hour or so, just so I would know it was getting closer to his special day.  He was up at 4:45 this morning…he couldn’t wait a second longer and when I sent him back to bed he accused me of torturing him!  Funny boy!


This is the cake he wanted.  It’s supposed to be a robot, you can see the picture we copied behind it.  He helped with the placement of the various robot buttons and the strategic positioning of the donuts.  It’s tradition for him to help me with making his cake, I think he enjoys that more than anything.006

He opened his gifts after a breakfast of homemade whole wheat waffles.



He was pretty pleased with all the Legos he got!


He pretty much just played with his new stuff all day, built his Legos, organized Legos, etc.  Then we had a yummy dinner of homemade chili, organic tortilla chips and fruit salad (his choice), followed by the cake (which was gluten-free and soy-free by the way, not the decorations though) and vanilla ice cream from Costco.

017                019


Happy Birthday Blue-Raspberry!  You fill our days with Joy and we love you more than all the Legos in the whole world!!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Awesome cake!! You guys did a great job! Is the idea from Family Fun? Looks like he had a great birthday!

  2. My Christmas baby just turned 9 also. (six days before Christmas). He's my oldest, so he watched the clock waiting for his actual time of birth... it's bittersweet watching him grow up so I tell him he's not actually another year older until the clock reaches 8:54pm :)

  3. Hi Leslie! Yes, the idea came from family fun. They always have fun ideas!

  4. looks like so much fun!:)
    did you ever announce the winner of the Christmas loge movie? happy new years !

  5. A very happy birthday to Blue Raspberry from all of us! And a very special happy birthday from his buddy "the Entertainer!"

  6. oh boy. love that cake and the lego. fun fun!


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