Friday, December 30, 2011

Weight-loss Journal {11}

I’m so glad Christmas is over!  At least as far as my weight loss journey goes!  It’s hard having my hands in my “vices” and seeing and smelling it EVERYWHERE I go!  Earlier this week I weighed myself and I was back up to 189.  I wasn’t too discouraged because I still was holding to my original goal of being 190 by Christmas.  Well, we (Mr. Taffy and I) got busy and stopped eating so much and when I weighed in today at 186.4!  Sweet! 

I have had some exercise this week too.  Not the typical exercise that you are thinking of, but I painted a room this week and according to Spark’s People painting for 2 hours burns upwards of 600 calories!  I was painting longer than 2 hours!  It’s been a very busy week, putting my house back together after the holidays and doing some big organization projects.  It’s not done yet either!

Before I go to bed tonight I am going to set up my two crock-pots each with a whole chicken in it.  Then in the morning I’m going to make 22 quarts of chicken soup.  That will be good eatin’ for a good long while!  Soup is really an awesome option for us.  It’s filling and loaded with nutrients and low-cal, not to mention warm.  I can eat it without crackers or bread, I do like to add some brown rice though.

I’d like to get to 180 by Valentine’s Day.  We have a break from celebrations until  February, then we have two birthday’s in a row.  One of those children wants a triple decker chocolate cake.  Yeah right!

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!!

Joyfully eating less,

Mrs. Taffy


  1. Way to go! You are doing great! I can't believe your determination! Chicken soup is a great idea. I think I might copycat.

  2. Great job! Chicken soup sounds yummy! I might have to make some now.

  3. Olá, sou do Brasil e encontrei seu blog hoje e fiquei encantada. Parabéns por seu belo blog, ele é encantador. Já estou te seguindo. Feliz 2012.


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