Sunday, January 29, 2012


The question was asked, how do you keep some fun in your homeschool.  I knew what my answer was, but I thought I had better ask the kids to see if I was right.  Sure enough, it was unanimous-FOOD!


It brings me great joy to make a delicious treat for my hard working students (and husband too)!

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It’s a privilege to nourish their bodies as well as their minds.


The smell of Peanut Butter muffins after a challenging morning of Latin and Algebra just makes everything better!


Cheers of delight at the sight of homemade pizza!


Even a green salad is treat, just look at all those gorgeous colors!

1-3-12 (Craigslist pictures) 002

A little afternoon pick-me up!  Hot chocolate and chocolate chip coconut bars.  Everyday is worth celebrating!


Hearty Beef and Barley soup to keep brains going and stomachs quiet.


Twisted Breadsticks to soak up the extra sauce from spaghetti, these rolls scream, “Mom LOVES YOU!”

We have what I call a classically relaxed homeschool.  I’ve got my children doing a lot of school work, it’s the least I can do to feed them wholesome food that nourishes their mind, body and spirit!  I don’t exactly know why it makes the days so fun, but I’m sure glad it does!

Feed them well!


Mrs. Taffy


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  1. Yummy! I'm going to start cooking treats with my children once a week. I'm trying to lower my personal work load so I can spend more fun time with them.


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