Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Land of Projects

You know how projects have a cascading effect.  You start with one idea, which leads to another and then another and while you are doing “this” you might as well do “that” also.  That’s what’s been going on here.  It started a few months ago when we were trying to figure out how to get Marshmallow into the already crammed girl’s bedroom.  One conversation lead to another and finally we decided the cheapest and easiest option was to move Strawberry into the office so that Marshmallow could move in with Bubble Gum.  Mr. Taffy chose the week of Christmas to start the project!  Really, it was just a more thorough discussion at that time because while I love this sort of activity it was overwhelming to consider doing during  Christmas week.  I got started on it the day after Christmas.  Smile

I’m sure I have a picture of what it looked like before somewhere, but I don’t have time to search for it now.  So after pictures will have to do!

1-3-12 (Craigslist pictures) 010

Strawberry picked out pink again, this one is softer pink than her old room.  I painted the ceiling white (burned lots of calories doing that!) and then 3 of the walls.  She hand painted on this scripture that is meaningful to her.  I also taught her how to sponge paint and let her paint the inside of her closet.  The theory being if her closet is lovely on the inside she’ll want to keep the clothes looking lovely too!  I’ll let you know if that works.

1-3-12 (Craigslist pictures) 009

On the fourth wall I starched this lovely Victorian fabric to it.  It’s really more lovely in person as it’s got the pink from her walls, the green from the carpet and a warm brown to balance things out.  We still need to put curtains up in there and she wants to finish decorating it this spring at garage sales.  It’s so pretty and girly in there.  We are so happy that she has a little bit of her own space.  She’s a young lady now and needs a little space of her own.

That project lead to getting the flooring done in the hallway.  We’ve had this flooring sitting around for years!  Mr. Taffy gave Banana and Chocolate the job of laying it.  Chocolate did most of it because he’s very careful and meticulous.

1-3-12 (Craigslist pictures) 001            1-3-12 (Craigslist pictures) 002


1-3-12 (Craigslist pictures) 008

The bathroom floor and the hallway.  The molding still needs to be put back on.  Chocolate did as much as he could, Mr. Taffy has to cut some of the molding to adjust for a higher floor.

1-3-12 (Craigslist pictures) 007

While this project was going on my house was a wreck!

1-3-12 (Craigslist pictures) 005

1-3-12 (Craigslist pictures) 004

1-3-12 (Craigslist pictures) 006

I had loads of stuff from the office to find a place for too.  It was  big project relocating all the stuff that was in there!  I still have a pile of stuff in the family room, but it’s all for Goodwill.  Because this project lead to fixing up the little girls room…


…I painted the ceiling and the walls in here too.  It’s a lovely lavender color, not the ceiling, just the walls.  I moved a lot of stuff out of there and got this cute cubby thing at Target.


Here’s a shot from the doorway.

002               003

I bought half a yard of fabric at Wal-Mart and recovered the little chairs (so fun!).  All the little girl’s clothes are in the closet now, there’s not another dresser in the bedroom, just no room.  Marshmallow slept in there last night and did very well! 

This project led to me having to rearrange the playroom because I moved a book shelf out of the little girl’s room and had to find a place for it…oh yeah, the homeschool room got some rearranging too since the office is no more…so much to think about!




It’s still a little crowded, but it’s working.  Well this morning, I got all inspired to rearrange my bedroom, since all traces of Marshmallow are gone.  I don’t have a picture though…sorry.

I’ve basically just given you a little tour of my house!  Of course there is other stuff, closets had to be reorganized to hold different stuff, the garage had to be cleaned too because stuff got moved out there.  I’ve been “filing” away out grown clothes since I was already working on the bedroom closets.  On and on it goes!  I think it’s finally coming to an end though.  The little boy’s really want me to paint their room, but that will have to wait until spring, it’s back to the books for us on Monday and I want to stay on track all winter so we can do other things this spring!

I lost 2 pounds this week already from all the activity.  This is the kind of exercise I like!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. I got tired just reading about all that work! Everything looks so nice. I love the new floors too. The table and chairs in the little girls room is adorable! I'm getting in my January mood to get rid of some stuff I don't really have room for too. wish you were here to motivate me!

  2. Lovely! I enjoy rearranging and decorating. I have a few areas I need to work on. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. H3 has the same little cube thing from Target in her room, with light pink and purple bins inside (to offset from the green walls in her room). I love those bins! The house looks wonderful! You always inspire me with all the organized space. I'm hoping that if everything continues to go well and we get our new home, I'll finally be able to do a better job of that instead of having so much in storage!

  4. Looks wonderful! Love Strawberry's new room - very lovely! She will have many wonderful times in there - reading, crafting, writting...she will love it so much and I'm so happy for her!!!!!

  5. Love all the rooms!! The playroom is awesome with all that shelving to hold the big toys. Our girls are so into the Little People toys, but they are so big and bulky! What a great solution! :)

  6. Love your house! It's so warm and inviting. I really love that scripture that your daughter painted on her wall too. So beautiful!

  7. What paint color and brand is the lavender walls in girl's room?????? It's so pretty!


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