Friday, January 20, 2012

Minnesota Historical Society


Thanks to Groupon and my sister-in-law I was able to get a great deal on a membership to the Minnesota Historical Society.  One of the benefits of the membership is being able to visit the Minnesota History Museum.  It’s hand’s on museum right in Down Town St. Paul.



This was in the weather room, it’s a reenactment of a famous and destructive tornado that struck not too far from our home many years ago.  See the piano in the bathroom?


The children are sitting in the basement listening to the event being retold by a family who lived through it.  It was very realistic with sound effects and lighting.  I couldn’t stay in there with Marshmallow on my back…too scary!


The children climbing through a grain elevator.  This was their favorite room for sure!



Hmmm….I don’t think he’s tall enough to play in there without supervision!


Off to market…

035         023

I forget what this room was called but it was all around the time period of World War 2.  I think it was called The Greatest Generation.  We loved the soda fountain, just look at those prices!


Why don’t ingredient lists look like this anymore?




There’s something almost artistic about television’s from that time period.  Chocolate Taffy thought the commercials were much more tasteful back then too.


Can you read that?  $65 to deliver a baby? Fantastic!


We toured a house exhibit that showed the different occupants over the years.  The first family that lived there had this cool Sears Catalog.  The boy’s found the page for guns first! 


Our lovely capital building…

We had a really nice time and I’m really excited to go visit some other places in Minnesota that we’ve never been too before, like Fort Snelling and the Oliver Kelly  Farm.


Mrs. Taffy

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