Monday, January 2, 2012

Regrouping for the New Year

The New Year started without much hoopla here.  We had a pretty nice year last year, so we weren’t waiting for a new one to begin.  In years past we welcomed the new year with much more anticipation and excitement.  I don’t know how it was for you, but for me 2011 flew by!  Honestly, I’m still having trouble writing 2011 on my checks!  We were home working on projects on New Year’s Eve.  Then the evening was spent eating Peppermint Joe-Joe Ice Cream and Popcorn while watching Dolphin Tale.  It was fun!  My little people kind of slept in on New Year’s Day…kind of.  I woke up sick though and pretty much laid in bed all day. Mr. Taffy was wonderful and fed everybody breakfast and even brought me breakfast in bed! 

Now that it’s the second I’m feeling a little better physically, but mentally I’m super-charged!  We aren’t returning to our homeschool this week, like most people are.  I was trying to keep our home schedule lined up with the boy’s college schedule, plus I knew I would need a week to recover from the busy-ness of the holiday’s.  I’m so glad I gave us that extra week!  I have so many errands to run this week.  Here’s my bullet list-

  • Get Strawberry Taffy an I.D. Card
  • Get Marshmallow’s Passport picture taken and Passport ordered
  • Take boy’s to college to get their next semester’s Books
  • Have lunch with Mr. Taffy at his work
  • Do a food testing and get paid!  Not excited about the food, but excited to get paid to eat for 45 minutes! lol
  • Visit the University of Minnesota Surplus store and try to find a non-wobbly table to do school on.
  • Plan January and February School
  • Make Bread

Today I’m still taking it easy, my head is pounding…

Okay, the next post I do will be about our projects I promise!!  I heart projects!!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. We aren't starting school until next week either. I just did not have time to plan at all this last couple of weeks! Hope you continue to feel better! I'm going to have to take notes from you on how to do school with a newborn in tow! :)

  2. Dolphin Tale is a gooder! We all liked it. Good idea to wait a week to get back into the books. Feel better!

  3. Love the new kitchen business at the top, what a great idea. Question, do you use a seperate binder for home management than the binder you use for school, or do you not even have a binder for home things. Take care, Kim


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