Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Z Guide~Review {Les Miserables}

 PhotobucketEver have a day, or possibly series of days, when you just can’t get to the books and lessons that go with homeschooling?  Ever just want a break?  Maybe your family just likes movies and you want to be able to incorporate those movies into your homeschool.   Introducing Z Guide to the movies.


I chose a high school guide to review--Les Miserables.  This DVD was easily found at my library and we were already familiar with the story.  Zeezok recommends checking with a trusted website like Plugged In! in order to see if a movie is appropriate for your family.  I wish I would have taken that advice.  Les Miserables does have nudity in it…we weren’t prepared and it made me sick.  But that has nothing to do with the Z Guide, I just wanted to mention that so you don’t make the same mistake I did.imageZ Guide comes in either ebook or CD form. And you can buy them for either family use or for use in a co-op.  ($12.99/$49.99) I printed out the entire guide and while two of my high-schoolers watched the movie they answered the questions.  Questions cover topics like:

  • history
  • research skills
  • writing skills
  • world view
  • hands on activities
  • critical thinking
  • and more!!

To read more about what the Z-Guide specifically covers in each topic, visit their website.  It’s full of helpful information.  Banana and Strawberry really enjoyed watching the movie in a more purposed manner.  They liked thinking about the different questions and felt it gave the movie depth and interest beyond being a passive viewer.  Granted, they couldn’t stop discussing how the movie is so “wrong” and were especially horrified at how the young lady Cosette was portrayed .  But I guess that was part of the beauty of the guide, it gave them a reason to discuss it instead of internalizing it and going about their way!

While I don’t have any intention of using movies as part of our curriculum at this time, I got to review this Z Guide at a time were there was a natural break in my children’s assignments and  it was blessing to have them thinking and discussing and doing during a time when they would have been content to just watch a movie, instead watching the movie became part of their education.  Even the surprise nude scene gave us plenty to discuss!  (wink)

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Mrs. Taffy

Disclaimer-I was given a copy of this Z Guide in exchange for my honest opinion, I was not paid.

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  1. We used something similar, learning history through movies. Sometimes the movies are wrong, but that's something to discuss too. We often found "surprises" too but after the initial "what?" it gave us an opportunity to discuss something that might not have come up in our daily lives.


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