Friday, February 10, 2012

Bubble Gum-Bursting with Joy!

Another birthday at the Taffy house!  Yesterday Bubble Gum celebrated her 7th birthday! 

018         024

Wednesday night Banana Taffy and Strawberry Taffy redecorated the dining room to make it fun for Bubble Gum.  I set out her presents.


I found the horse at Goodwill!  The Teddy Bear too!  The big gift you’ll see later, everybody chipped in on that one.


We had biscuits with jam and cheesy scrambled eggs for breakfast and then we let her open gifts before Mr. Taffy had to go to work.  This child LOVES gifts! 


Her big gift was this Playmobile  farm.  All she talks about is the farm she’s going to have when she grows up. 


I did something crazy and cancelled school for the little ones so they could play…all day long!


For her birthday dinner she wanted Lasagna and twisty rolls.


And then we had cake and ice-cream!  The cake is almost identical to the one Chocolate Taffy had, they have VERY similar palates.  I gave her vanilla frosting though (homemade) and smashed unsweetened coconut into the side.  It was delicious! 

063           062

064           065

We had such a nice day!  She was so appreciative and happy.  We have a couple fun things planned over the weekend for both Chocolate and Bubble Gum.  We have a 3 week break until our next exciting day of celebration!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. What a wonderful day! She will remember that forever!

  2. Ohhhhh I love love love that wonderful, joyful smile that Bubble has...makes you warm all over! Happy Birthday to our favorite seven year old...we love her bunches!


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