Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grocery Groaning's Part 2

Remember my first post?  Well last Friday I went shopping with the intention of buying 3 possibly 4 weeks worth of grocery’s.  I went to 3 stores.  Sam’s Club, Costco and Wal-Mart.


Here’s everything piled on the dining room table. My poor sons, normally they put stuff away as they unload it, this time they had to bring everything in first and then put it away, a lot of it went back the way they came.  They are very supportive of my blogging.  Smile!

Here’s the rundown of what I spent:

Sam’s Club- $150.08  I didn’t buy anything non-food. 

Costco- $186.33 Again, everything was food related, no extra clothes or household items.

Wal-Mart-$66.28  Only about 15.00 of that was food though.  The rest was household stuff and fabric for gifts.

Now I haven’t bought everything I need yet, I still need a head of cauliflower and some tortillas.  I had planned on going to Aldi for the Cauliflower, I just haven’t made it over there yet.  And I’ve pretty much decided to make the tortilla’s from scratch, I found a recipe on Pinterest.  The only place I’ve found soy-free tortillas is Trader Joe’s and I’m just not going to drive all the way over there for one thing!  (Besides, one thing will turn into 12 anyway!)


Another shot of the groceries.  Sorry they aren’t situated all nicely, my big sons just piled it on like this.  haha!


This is all the fresh produce I bought.  We are almost through the grapes, one bag of apples, half the avocados, half the lettuce and spinach and bananas.  I chopped and froze most of the peppers, the oranges are in the garage fridge for next week.


This is the canned fruit I bought for the last week.  The applesauce is great: cheap and all natural.  I also have frozen peas, green beans, corn, blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, bananas and squash puree.  The bananas and squash are to add to muffins or pancakes.  I also froze 3 gallons of milk to use later this month.  I didn’t buy any yogurt because I have a yogurt maker and figure I can do that myself too.


My plan had to include snacks, so here Blue-Raspberry is mixing up some trail mix-unsalted almonds, peanuts, raisins, craisins and M&M’s.  I found a recipe to make homemade Cheezits and another kind of granola bars.


Bubble Gum helped me make popsicles out of Apple Cider that I found for .89 a gallon.  The kids really like these and it is a super cheap snack. 

Since I just got a Pinterest account I’ve been finding recipes to make things that I would normally purchase, like pizza sauce and ranch dressing, English muffins and tortillas.  So much of that stuff has soy in it anyway that I have to shop special and more expensive to get it.  Now the cost will just be my time, I can handle that!

I’m really thankful because my husband has really supportive of this experiment.  He’s been resisting the urge to eat all the pickles knowing I won’t be buying anymore this month!  We’ve been enjoying popcorn in the evenings and I rather like this organized and sequential way of eating, it appeals to my anal and organized brain.  We’ll see how I feel about it next week though!  That’s going to be the real test!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. What a ton of food! You should get those boys to weigh it all for you just for fun! (next time!).

  2. Been needing to do a post on home made tortillas...maybe tonight - but anyway I'be been making them off and on for years with not so "yummie" results...UNTIL...whooo-hooo my older son came along to help...so just last week I asked him to be in charge of tortillas and you know what with the new reciepe (calling for lard and oil instead of just oil), and he figuring out that the pan has to be HOT and to only cook them for a few seconds on each side - they turned out wonderful...and to all of our delight they actually rolled just like the store bought ones - but tasted so much better!
    All the groceries makes me hungry...good job!

  3. Wow, that is awesome! Did you end up getting 3 or 4 weeks of groceries? I seriously need to do a giant once a month shopping, but you know what I am scared! Seriously...just shopping for one week of food nearly gives me an anxiety attack. Also,how do you keep your family from eating all the food? I need to invest in a freezer for the garage and then I may just join you in March...but I am going to need some serious hand holding :-)

  4. Jacquelin~I technically bought groceries for 3 weeks, but I'm wondering if I can stretch it to 4. We'll see. It makes me nervous too! I'm already worried about the cheese running out! I bought like 8 pounds of cheddar cheese too! I'm pretty controlling in regards to food and I don't let them raid the kitchen...EVER! They are pretty good at asking me what they can eat also (teens), but often I just make them wait until the next meal and promise them they will get to eat a lot! They were rolling away from the table last night! lol You will NEVER regret having another freezer! I'll keep updating this experiment to share how it's going! :o)

  5. Good for you. And about the kids going into t he fridge. Oh my.. My kids are really bad for that. The fridge is their major distraction from their studies. "Mom, but I'm hungry". I've mentioned numerous times to homeschooling friends of mine and to my husband that I need to lock my fridge between every snack/meal. We do school in the kitchen, if you're wondering. This month should be interesting to watch and see how it all rolls out for you.

  6. One little thought when I saw the jars of the applesauce, and I'm guessing you already have at some point because I know how wonderful you are with all the homemade things, but have you considered canning some applesauce of your own? H1 and I canned 64 quarts this year and 30-something pints. It took the two of us 2 days to do it, but we paid only the cost of apples (seconds are $12 a bushel, and we used 4, I think) and a container of cinnamon from Sam's club. As much applesauce as H3 and I go through, it will save us a bundle in the long run and I know we're getting the healthiest stuff possible! I used a combination of Stayman and Golden Delicious apples, so less sugar needed.


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