Thursday, February 23, 2012

This and That

Marshmallow slept through the night last night!  Which means I did too!  I’ve been very energetic today and have some ambition to write a blog post!

I got some cast iron pans over the weekend and I am having a great time learning how to use them!  I’ve made pancakes, tortillas, bacon, cornbread (Strawberry) and english muffins in them!


English Muffins are my new favorite thing to make on baking day.  I’ve been using this recipe with good results and actually hand-kneaded the batch shown above (first time!).  The batch above is whole wheat raisin cinnamon.  My very first batch was just plain white flour english muffins.


These ones were not made in my cast iron pan and my first few looked burned, but they didn’t taste burned.  Very fun to make!

I also made homemade tortillas for the first time this week.  I only made a small batch {6} because I didn’t want to waste a lot of time and ingredients in case it didn’t work out, but it totally did and it was pretty fun too!  Thanks to that and pinterest, I will be able to make our favorite Enchiladas for Banana Taffy’s 17th birthday next week, totally soy free!  I found a recipe for homemade enchilada sauce too!  Woohoo!

Chocolate Taffy came down with a mild case of pink-eye so I wanted to try and treat it myself.  He’s a good sport, or patient…


His eye was achy, sore, puffy, a little red and he woke up with his eye stuck shut with gunk.  So I took my activated charcoal and made a slurry.  A slurry is where you add charcoal to water and let the charcoal settle to the bottom. 

010          011

While that was resting I boiled a dropper and poured the slurry through some cheese cloth.  I could have probably skipped this step, but since it was going into his eye I wanted to make sure all the charcoal bits were out.



Then the treatment began.  I put two drops into his eye, about every hour or so.  We were gone one day for most of the day, so I just did it when I could.


His eye felt better the next day and was completely well after 2 days of treatment.


No more gunk, puffiness, pain or redness.  (The darkness around his eyes is evidence of his soy sensitivity, he was away from home for a couple meals one day and it always shows up on his skin around his eyes and neck and arms.)  Anyway…if Charcoal fascinates you like it does me, I recommend reading Charcoal Remedies.  Fascinating! 

Here’s just a few random pictures from the past week:

005      002

The Valentine Cupcake that Strawberry made her siblings for Valentine’s Day.  And sweet Chocolate, holding his extra sweet Marshmallow.


My bread fiasco…this happens so much now no matter how much I oil the pans.  I either need new pans or I’m going to try a new recipe!  A new recipe is cheaper, so I’ll try that first!

003         006

001          008

Our productive trip to the thrift store. We’ve given Strawberry a new challenge, actually her daddy gave it to her.  Each day when she gets up, she is to completely put herself together for the day, dressing like she has some place to go or somebody to see.  Along with this challenge, he is treating her to a “real” hair cut at my salon and an eye brow wax.  We are hoping that the stylist can also give her some ideas for fun ways to wear her hair that doesn’t take hours to complete!  My part of the challenge is that she is responsible for dinner one night out of the week and one breakfast on the weekend.  Sort of a home ec/young lady challenge. 

Growing in grace she is, and so proud of her we are!


Here Chocolate is helping with what I call Peanut Butter Pandemonium!  I buy these 15 pound buckets of peanut butter from Azure and have to get it from the bucket into something more manageable, like a jar.  My Bosch is fantastic at stirring the oil back in.  The first time we did this we made such a HUGE mess.  This time was much better as we knew what to expect and the only part that was really chaotic was when Blue-Raspberry dropped a jar of it on the garage floor.  Ah well…at least it wasn’t the carpet!

I decided to make yogurt.  I have all the supplies and in keeping with my Grocery Groaning's Challenge I’m try to use what I have and not go to the store.  But I do have a little confession, I had to buy some half and half this week and some fruit.  But I only spent $18.00 and I’m still well under my $500 goal.  I’ll do the break down in a separate post.

So that’s it.  I pretty much do this all week:  Clean, teach, clean, cook, clean, work-out, cook and carry Marshmallow around on my back.  It’s not glamorous, but it’s honest and it makes me happy!

Find Joy Where YOU are!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. "Clean, teach, clean, cook, clean, work-out, cook and carry Marshmallow around on my back. It’s not glamorous, but it’s honest and it makes me happy!"

    I'm with you on that. Minus the carrying a baby on my back and adding running around to soccer 4 days/week and piano for the kids.

    Alba actually slept through the night in her own bed 2 days ago! She's been doing that more often lately. hooray! I know, she's 2. What can I say, she sneaks in to snuggle with her Daddy at night.

  2. Love all the pictures and seeing what your family is up to! Another idea for Strawberry might be to see what a library has for hair style books, or look at some hair magazines at Walmart or someplace like that. I usually pick up one hair magazine per year(yes, they do sadly make a magazine completely devoted to hair cuts and styles) and most of those include ideas and instructions for different hair styles, based on your length and type of hair. I've gotten quite a bit of what I do from "Curly Girl: The Handbook", which had specific instructions for my hair type and everything they do is all-natural and sulfate free. Given that there's one out there for girls with curls, I'm sure there would be something that Strawberry could look at too for some fun ideas. :)

  3. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, tired and blah. So, I stopped what I was doing to take a rest and decided to see what was new on your blog, because it always cheers me up. And this post did it for sure! You are just so humble, honest, real and encouraging! I love hearing what you and your family are up to. With my three little ones, I wonder what our future will look like. I hope it looks similar to yours! :) Thanks for sharing, Mrs. Taffy!


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