Saturday, February 18, 2012

Who Am I? Apologia Review


Does Apologia ever make a substandard product?  Not that I’ve found!!  What a blessing to be able to review the second book in the What We Believe Series

Who Am I ? And What am I Doing Here?  Is a world view curriculum focusing on who we are in God, who God has made us to be and how that effects everything we do and should be doing!  This is just a great book, especially if you or your children have struggled with who you are in God. 

Lessons Include:

What are we doing here?

What will you make today?

What’s on your mind?

Can you trust your feelings?

Will you choose wisely? (Click to view lesson)

How will you run the race?

What kind of fruit are you growing?  (LOVE THIS!!)

Who do you think you are?

There are only 8 Lessons, but they are big with many subsections.  The book includes a lesson plan to help you plan your time.  This book can be completed anywhere from 4-9 months.  We read this during lunch time, all the children have enjoyed listening to it though it is especially designed for children ages 6-14.  Clearly some of the wording is written for younger children, but not in a way that the older children felt was demeaning or silly.

Not only does Apologia sell this gorgeous hard-cover book ($39.00), it also sells an audio CD for your auditory learners ($19.00), a gorgeous notebooking journal ($24.00 click here for a sample page) and a fun coloring book to keep little hands busy while they listen ($8.00)!!  Wow!  Now that’s a curriculum!

Thanks Apologia for another high-quality product that helps us to pass on our faith on to our children and build our faith in the process!

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Mrs. Taffy

Disclaimer-I was given these materials for purpose of this review.  All opinions expressed are my own and I was not paid.


  1. Apologia is one of our favorite curriculums. Thanks for the post...some of the lessons are ones we really need in our home! Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for your review. I have had a couple children question their faith, just a little. I wish this curriculum was around when they were younger. Oh, btw, I love your page - love the title that fits with your name!! Your family is beautiful and it's great to see you fulfilling the command to be fruitful and multiply. Children really are a blessing from God!!!


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