Thursday, March 15, 2012

The earth is waking up!


God has blessed us with an amazingly early spring this year.  March is normally very snowy and cold for us, but not this year!  We’ve been in the 70’s all week and it’s going to continue for a while apparently.  My tulips are peaking up through the dirt, the trees are starting to bud and the bees are super busy!!

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We’ve been planning our garden and buying supplies.  My garage is full of giant bags of dirt that we bought at Lowe’s for $1.39 each.  They were left over from last year, this years “model” is $10.38!  We bought plastic sheeting and pvc pipe to turn our raised beds into green houses if we need too, to protect our food from storms or killer frosts.  Mr. Taffy will be relocating the  bees soon, the hives are just too big for our little suburban back yard.  And the really awesome news, we bought a green house!


We bought this brand new off of Craig’s List, it’s an old model as well so it was more than half off the new price.  Happy Anniversary to us!  We’ve figured out where we are going to put it in the backyard.  It might be a just a little tedious to put together, but it will be so worth it! 

I’m hoping to get some of my seeds going this weekend, some of the flowers and some of the greens.  I have this idea to make a “salad bar” on my little deck.  I’d like a planter box full of lettuce and spinach, right there off my kitchen!  I’ve never grown lettuce before, I love to eat it though and I see it at the Farmer’s Market, so I know it grows here!  Ha! 

I’m so excited to start seeing some green outside!  With the green comes garage sales and used-curriculum sales!  It won’t be long until my Garage Sale Treasures Meme is back up and running weekly!  Has spring sprung in where you live?

Happy Spring!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Nice! Your greenhouse looks beautiful and what a great place to teach a little botany! We have bulbs popping up, but the weather is still cold and wet!

  2. Our crocus' are growing like crazy....all pretty and purple and white. It makes me smile :) Can't hardly wait for garage sale season! I will be a big, pregnant garage saler this year. lol :)

  3. Reading this is getting me in the mood to start planning. Have fun with your greenhouse!

  4. In our state, we skipped spring and went straight to summer. my seeds are sprouting indoors, and we are working hard to get our garden bed ready to transplant. This is my first ever garden, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

  5. oooh, a green house! Lucky-ducky. You should have lots of fun experimenting.


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