Thursday, March 1, 2012

Grocery Groaning's Part 3

Okay, it’s over, my little experiment that I shared about here and here.  I’ll be going shopping on Friday (3/2) and I’m very much looking forward to it!

Here’s the run down on how much I spent on food for the month of February:

Aldi’s -$51.96 (they had Salmon and Tilapia on sale)

Target-$11.25 (this was a milk/egg run)

Walmart- $39.96


Eisenberg’s-$16.34(This is discount fruit store in downtown St. Paul)

Trader Joe’s-$21.40 (This was at the beginning of the month before I had even decided to try this.)


That’s a grand total of:  $477.32

Okay, that even surprises me!  I thought I was a little over $500!  That’s like $1.83 per person, per day!  What an awesome thing!  We haven’t been eating like paupers either!

But let me tell you, I have never spent so much time in the kitchen as I have this past month!  I don’t resent it or anything and I was rewarded with a few new cast iron pans, but still, saving this kind of money takes a BIG HUGE commitment!  We have eaten through a lot of our reserves, there’s not a whole lot in my garage fridge or my basement freezer.  My Azure cart already has almost $200 worth of product in it for my March order.  That won’t actually come out of the March budget though, it will come out of April.  Anyway, I don’t know if I can do this every month, but it’s nice to know I can do it if I need too! 

I just got done writing up a menu for the next three weeks and I am going to do another three weeks worth of shopping.  I still want to stay committed to making as many things from scratch as possible and to keeping our food expense as low as possible.  I don’t totally like the “law” that comes with a budget, it doesn’t allow for surprises, but it’s also a boundary that keeps me on track!

How’d you do managing your food in February?  Even if you didn’t make your goal, keep at it, it’s a worthy pursuit!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. wow...good job....think it has everthing to do with your attitude which is so JOYFUL

  2. I wish I could do so well, with my family of TWO!

  3. You did it!!! I have a hard time meal planning...but the hardest thing for me is to stick to my list once I get in the grocery store (I love Zak did the shopping this month and we came in way under budget....guess he'll be doing the shopping from now on since he really doesn't mind doing it. :)

  4. I just wanted to thank you for mentioning Eisenberg’s (I had never heard of it before). We happened to be going by it today and I had to stop in. Granted maybe right after the Saint Patty's Day Parade had let out, was not the best time to go.

    It seemed to be hit pretty hard, as a lot of stuff was gone. BUT we were able to get some Pillsbury Grand Biscuits for 5/$1.00.

    I picked up many of them, anything to make my life and dinner is something I cherish. We also got bagged tossed salad at 2/$1.50.

    Suffice-it to say I will be going back often. Thank you again for making me aware of it. I love that it is so close to the Farmers Market-I can pull double duty this year, hopefully.



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