Friday, April 6, 2012

Frugal seedling pots


This might just look like a basket full of recycling, but it’s really a few little “free” things to make seedling pots with.  I’ve been saving little tubs and toilet paper and paper towel tubes and newspapers that come for free below my mailbox and I turn them into this:


I take the folded newspaper and cut it into four strips, about 6 inches wide.


Then I roll them up like this:


And tuck the bottom in like this:


And then I have this:


The really cool thing about this frugal little pot is that when I’m ready to plant the seedling, I can just stick the whole thing in the ground!  How easy is that?


Filling the little pots up with dirt.


I’m sure children could be taught to do this!  It’s so quick! 

Since I didn’t want too many hot pepper plants, when I put them in the Animal Crackers Tub from Trader Joe’s, I bound them with a rubber band, to keep them organized.


This way I can keep track of my seeds without using up all my cute tags.  I don’t need very many hot peppers!  I started a few spinach here, and I’ll start some more in a week or two or three and then again after that so I can have a continuous spinach supply over the spring and summer. 

My thermometer registered 75 today!  You better believe we enjoyed that fantastic sunshine!






See their pink noses?


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Very creative...think you should send your idea into "Backwoods Home Magazine" many people could benefit from this tip. Thank you for sharing. I'm going to be saving those things for when we get our planting excited for a garden! Just thinking that one could even save egg shells and crush them up and add to the bottom of the home-made pots to give the little starts a real boost!

  2. One more thing...Strawberry looks so grown up and beautiful!!!!
    D. Griffin

  3. Fun! Love your frugal creativity!

  4. Yes, that's a great way to do it. Our kids rolled the newspaper around an appropriate sized cup. That made it a very kid-friendly project.

    Last year we used an even easier solution: kleenex boxes, etc. etc.

    But some of them developed mold while the seedlings were growing. No idea why.

    I'm not sure yet if we'll make hundreds of newsprint pots again this year or try the kleenex and other boxes again. I'll have to decide soon, since it's getting warm here.

  5. That is such a great idea! My teenage gardener will love it! Btw, I love the slide off the deck. So cute!


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