Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Truth Quest History: Ancient Greece


Do I have a treasure to share with you!  I have here a very affordable and very precious history study guide.  I honestly don’t have the words to describe how this study guide makes me feel, because I’ve never encountered a history curriculum like this.  Just read some of the phrases I highlighted from the introduction:

As Christian adults, though, we must hold every definition up to His blazing light.  Is history indeed the story of mankind?  Could the secular minds that birthed our history textbooks also have had a secular definition of history itself?  Is it possible?

Please think about history in a brand new way, for it is not first the story of mankind, but of the One who made mankind.

God’s initiation and our response…that’s history.

I’ve never even considered that before!  Sure I’ve used “Christian” history curriculum in the past, but still, they would be classified under the old definition:  the story of mankind.  But to be able to study history through the new definition: God’s initiation and our response…it’s profound to me!


History has always been boring to me, boring to teach and boring to learn. I went to public school after all and everything I learned was a dry account of man’s activities.  Who cares!?  (Well, I’m sure somebody did, but not me!)  But if history can be this:

…a personal encounter with the King of the Universe, the Maker of our souls!  It should be one of the most inspiring, personal, real and intimate topics because it hooks us up with the truths that make life work!

Now that’s the kind of History I could get into!!  And get into we will be!  Truth Quest History Guides are written for Grades 5-12, but can be used for younger children too.  This is a non-consumable History Curriculum that will typically take a year to complete.  You can view a sample schedule here.  Many of the books that are suggested to read while using Truth Quest Ancient Greece are available at the library, trust me, I checked!  And the best part is, besides the amazing world view, is that these guides are inexpensive!  You can purchase the PDF download for $19.95.  There are other things available for purchase as well, but they are not necessary for a wonderful experience.  The tone of the study guide is a real gem.  You can feel the passion of the author, Michelle Miller, her writing style will definitely get you fired up about the Lord and His influence on history! 

Here’s what’s included in your study guide, this is from the website.

TruthQuest History guides have four components:

1) vivid commentary introduces each and every topic;

2) individual reading lists organized by grade level flesh out each and every topic;

3) ThinkWrite™ exercises are strategically placed throughout the guide to help students incrementally internalize and express various facets of key truths (whether through writing or discussion), until significant and synthesized wisdom is achieved at the end of a guide; and,

4) an appendix at the rear of the guide offers sample answers to the ThinkWrite™ exercises (useful in evaluating the student's writings for depth of comprehension, or for engendering rich oral discussions), while another appendix offers a cumulative list of all resources cited in the guide. Remember, the student's profound learning comes in such small steps that it seems almost effortless! Parents often tell us they don't see the full depth of a TruthQuest History guide until they've read or watched their students work through it a while. It does all come together, but the veil is lifted very slowly as the great truths of God and people's responses to them are seen step-by-step through the chronology. It's an exciting odyssey!

I’m pretty well sold on the whole program and will definitely be using these in our homeschool for years to come!  I’ve included many links throughout this post, hopefully you will get all of your questions answered.  There are also samples of the different guides on the website.


Mrs. Taffy

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Disclaimer-I was given the PDF form of Truth Quest History-Ancient Greece, in exchange for my honest review.  I was not paid.


  1. I have been using TQ for a year now and we are in love with this curriculum! We began with TQ American History because I have younger kids. Let me tell you, if you decide to use this curriculum, you will NOT be disappointed! I am learning as much as my kids. I feel like I am looking at history through God's perspective and I couldn't be more amazed. Just thought I'd give my 2 cents. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Britney!! I'm so excited to hear that you love the curriculum as well!


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