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Write with World~Review

I have a brand new writing curriculum to share with you!  Write with World isn’t even available to purchase yet, but it will be soon, if you are interested in getting this curriculum after you read my review, you can pre-order and expect to receive your books during summer of 2012.  I reviewed the first year of the curriculum which is written for middle school students.

Below is a list of bullet points that I made while reviewing the books.  There are links included in the text for more information, I could have written a uber long description but I didn’t want you to get overwhelmed with all my words! 

  • Teacher’s book has both teaching notes and word for word text of the student workbook.  Teachers notes are written on the outside margins of the student text in a completely different font, this makes it easy to see what the parent needs to read first and what the student will be reading.
  • Student’s will be making a writing journal to brainstorm ideas, write down thoughts pertinent to the capsule they are in, complete writing assignments and define specific vocabulary words.
  • Fantastic conversational tone to the teacher and  to the student.
  • Here’s a link with the whole table of contents.
  • There are 4 units per year, with 4 Lessons in each unit and 5 capsules per unit.  There is no suggested lesson plan with Write with World, but you can see a plan emerge as you look through the book.  For my sons I would likely do one capsule a day, for my daughter who loves to write, possibly two or more as her heart desires.  Here’s a sample lesson
  • Very parent friendly.  Low-stakes evaluations are encouraged, which means you don’t have to spend a lot of time grading and finding every little mistake, instead conversation is encouraged.  Personally, I really enjoy talking to my children and listening to them explain to me the things they’ve learned, so this aspect is VERY appealing to me!
  • At the beginning of each Lesson is a list of supplies needed.  This is a very basic list, not overwhelming I promise!  I should mention though that a few lessons suggest a copy or two of World Magazine.  I do not have access to this from my library and can’t get a subscription right now.  From what I read, it would be acceptable to use another publication.
  • Capsules include examples of what’s expected, so students have a specific idea of what they are supposed to be doing.  This is not an ambiguous workbook.
  • The student workbook can be non-consumable.  There is room on a few pages to compete some grammar exercises, but those can easily be done on a separate sheet of paper, then if you have children up and coming to middle school, you can reuse both books!

To sum this review up, the more I read, the more I looked through the lessons, the more I imagined my children using this curriculum to learn how to effectively communicate through writing, the more excited I got!  I can get easily overwhelmed with curriculum that requires too much from me as the parent/teacher.  I have 7 children, and I have to have time to do other things throughout a day, like feed all these children and spend time with my husband, take a shower, stuff like that.  Therefore, I do not do well with curriculum that expects me to do a lot of prep work or a lot of one on one teaching.  I can do some individual teaching time, but there just isn’t enough time in the day to do teacher intensive work with each of my children.  So curriculums that require more student independence and are less mom-intensive bring peace to my soul.  And that’s exactly what Write with World does.  With a VERY Christ-Centered, God-Created tone, with books that are pretty much open up and get to work, and with enthusiasm that will create young writers who can articulate and communicate effectively, Write with World definitely makes the cut for my homeschool!!

Each year of Write with World sells for $95, if you buy both years together you get a little discount for $165.  The price also include access to a special website for the young writers to publish their writing and to add excitement to their daily assignments.  This is a great article written by the authors of Write with World that describes their vision for the program.


Mrs. Taffy

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Disclaimer:  I was given the first year of Write with World for the purpose of this review, I was not paid.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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