Monday, April 30, 2012

Yearly Wrap-up! {Mega Post}

I’m happy to report that we have completed our 2011/2012 school year. It’s been a great year.  I’ve pretty much felt passionate about the whole year until these last couple weeks, those were tough.  Spring came early to Minnesota so my attention span ended earlier than usual too.  My goal for the day (Friday) was to get our school room really clean.  Well, one thing led to another and not only did I clean but I also did a major organizing/resorting project.


Lots of piles.  A pile to sell.  A pile to chuck.  A pile to file.  A pile of stuff to do over the summer x 5.  A pile of stuff to do next school year x 4.  I did all this when Marshmallow was sleeping, she would have been so terribly distracting.  Yeah.


Ahhh…much better.  Spider webs and dust gone the way of the Dyson.  There are still a few piles laying around, but they pretty much have to stay there until I get into the attic and get some little storage boxes.  Would you like to see the kid’s books for next year?


This is Laffy’s pile.  He’s about halfway through All About Reading PreReading and then he’ll start Level 1.  I have tons of other stuff for him to do too, but he’ll be doing kindergarten and I don’t buy a whole lot of “curriculum” for this age.  Oh, I almost forgot about Song School Latin.  Planning on going through the first book again unless Classical Academic Press releases SSL2 before August.


Bubble Gum will be doing 2nd grade work.  She has All About Spelling Level 2, Mathematical Reasoning Level C and A Reason for Writing Book B.  She also will be doing tons of reading through the various books I have on our library shelves and Song School Latin with Laffy Taffy.  She and Blue-Raspberry will be doing these together…


The CD is that annoying Geography Songs CD, you know, the kind that once you hear the songs, they continue to play over and over and over and over again in your head.  Possibly even waking you up at night…but, it gets the job done so I’ll sacrifice the quiet in my head for their education!  lol  All the stuff in the basket is stuff I’ve been collecting to use with their Apologia Science book.  I also bought the lapbooks that go with the book, but those are on my hard drive so I can’t show you.


Blue-Raspberry will be doing 4th grade work.  Here’s his pile of books.  God’s Great Covenant, Bible Nurture, Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Latin for Children A, Teaching Textbooks 4, Thinking Skills and Draw & Write Through History.  He’s a boy and he LOVES school.  He’s convinced he’s going to be a dentist when he grows up, it’s a good thing he likes school!


Strawberry will be doing 10th grade work next year. My last year being completely in control of her education.  After 10th grade she’ll move on to PSEO (college) just like her brothers.  Sniff…Sniff… Apologia Biology, Algebra 2, Excellence in Literature (most of her books we found free on Amazon for her Kindle, except the one you see there, The Count of Monte Cristo), Art of Argument and Argument Builder (Logic), Latin Alive 2, Various History Books.  I have to keep from piling her up with too many classes, she’s such an eager student but I don’t want to drown her either!

Now, if you can stand a few more pictures of books I’ll tell you what our plans are over the summer.


This is what Chocolate wants to cover over the summer.  He’s completed his first year of college and his Junior year of high school.  We are pretty sure he’s going to have a 4.0 this semester too!  Woohoo!  Because he wants to be an engineer, he wants to continue learning all summer as well as get a job.  So he’ll be completing his Geometry book, which he is slowing getting through, he’ll be studying for the SAT and he’ll be doing Apologia Physics.  All his idea (except Geometry) lest you think I’m totally brutal.  lol

Banana Taffy doesn’t want to do anything but work and play all summer.  He’s saving for a car.  I’m insisting he finish his Geometry book.  I told him if he doesn’t finish it I won’t graduate him.  See.  Tough.  But not brutal.  I’m not making HIM do Physics!!  He does have a 4.0 this semester!  We know for sure!  My child who didn’t think he could do it, he did it and he excelled at it!  I am VERY proud of him!

Strawberry wants to keeping working on learning HTML code this summer, she wants to start Algebra 2 right away so she doesn’t forget anything and she wants to work on her writing.  I’m all for that but I told her she has to wait at least a couple weeks before she resumes her studies.  I don’t want her to get burned-out.

024              021


As I was going through books I threw some things in the kid’s baskets for them to work on throughout our summer break.  I’m sure they will have moments of needing some focused seat work, like when they start complaining about being bored.  Just fun stuff.  I’ll probably move those baskets up to the dining room after we’ve all had some time to unwind.  If we don’t sit in the school room it won’t be school.  haha!

This turned into a MEGA-POST.  If you made it this far, thank you! 

I want to share the #1 thing that I think contributes to a successful homeschool experience.  There’s are many many more, but for us the #1 thing that we have going for us is enthusiasm.  Don’t underestimate enthusiasm.  Just like complaining is contagious, so is enthusiasm.  I want my children to know that their education is important to me and that I am FOR them.  I’m happy to be helping them meet their goals and to push them onward.  This is not a burden, this is a privilege!  If you are having trouble motivating your children to get their work done check your own enthusiasm meter.  If you are running low, take a break and recharge, then joyfully gush on your children and let them know they can do nothing but succeed and you’ll be their applauding their efforts and cheering them on the whole way!!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Congratulations on a successful year! Thank yiu for your reminder about enthusiasm...yiu are right, it makes a difference and it is a good reminder. We are trying to finish up in the next two weeks and as you know, the last few weeks are a little more challenging. But we desire to finish strong! Enjoyed looking at what you all have planned for next year.

  2. oh my goodness! i am so amazed at moms who choose to homeschool.unfortunately,i work fulltime plus extra shifts as a nurse and i get home totally dead hubby was made redundant twice this recession and 2 yrs has been so kids are 8,5 and 2.i teach sunday school to 25 kids.That alone is all i can muster at the moment.i knnow it is never too late to teach my kids at home.i am encouraged my your posts.your kids are indeed blessed to have for me,still praying that my hubby will get a job soon by God's grace and i can spend more quality time with my kids.all the best to you.Glory to GOD! <3 (May from London,UK)

    1. Oh May, you are working SO hard! God's grace to you! My husband was out of work for 18 months, it was hard but God was faithful! I'll be praying that your husband finds a job too, one that can support your family! Hugs!

  3. Been awhile since I have been on here...but I always love reading your posts :)! Looks like it was a great year and thanks for the reminder to "keep the enthusiasm" as we plow through the remaining weeks of school.

  4. Great Post! I did loose my enthusiasm towards the end of the year...need to check that one! Also, about Draw and Write through this the only History he will be doing? or is this an addition to another history? Thank you so much for sharing what you use - I always like to see what others think is great.

    1. Hi Friend! He'll be doing the Draw and Write Through History along with Story of the World. It's kind of like his handwriting too. Did you see the different Latins? There's one for the littles-Song School Latin, one for the middle-Latin for Children and one for the teen Latin Alive. I love Classical Academic Press!

  5. Yea for finishing the race strong! I am always encouraged and motivated by your blog! We are wrapping up many things this week, too. Four kids will be "done" with their major coursework and will have only some extra seat work for the rest of the summer as needed. Two others still have 5 (ugh!) weeks left of curriculum. However, yesterday I challenged them to pick a pace they want to finish in and double up if they want to get done earlier. I sure do! We (finally) organized our basement play room last weekend and it feels so great to have everything organized after a year of transitions here. One room, one area at a time is finally getting settled into just in time to be outside for the summer!

    Blessings to you, dear friend, looking forward to seeing you when it is possible!

  6. What a fabulous year!!! Thank you for the note on enthusiasm. It is so important to not burn out as a mom/teacher/wife/whatever other hat you choose to put on at the moment! I always seem to slow WWWAYYY down during Jan/Feb or Nov/Dec.

    Your line-up for next year looks fantastic. We are just starting some of our All About Reading and Spelling materials and I LOVE them. Can't wait to start our Apologia Science as well...we'll be doing Astronomy this year. Also looking forward to starting a real history program this year...history has always been my favorite and I hope to pass that on to my littles. :)

    I hope that you have a wonderful break! You more than deserve it!

  7. Thank you for the enthusiasm meter reminder. I can't say if I get better or worse as each year passes. To be honest, I actually asked my husband the other day if we should put alba in a pre k type thing for 3 yr olds next year...I'm having issues with enthusiasm, time management, and just being joyful. It's getting harder for me having mixed ages that are far apart. 12, 6, 2(soon 3). No complaints here, just sharing my struggles. Thank you for reminding me to turn to the Father for my needs. Have a great summer off!


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