Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Buffering Swords

I think my children are somewhat creative.  Given the proper tools and freedoms they can come up with some pretty awesome ways to spend their free time.  For a few years now their favorite thing has been to make buffering swords out of Fun Noodles, PVC pipe and duct tape.

images   images (1)

The noodles with the hole in the middle are the best. 


They’ve created all manner of games and challenges with these things.  But basically they cut up the pipe, wrap it in a fun noodle and wrap it in duct tape and proceed to pummel each other.  Good exercise and loads of fun!


3:1 doesn’t seem quite fair…


No babies were hurt in the taking of this picture, it’s totally posed.  Isn’t her skirt adorable?  Such a little girl!



Just look at the form, makes a mom proud.  lol


So next time your children need a little challenge and have some extra energy to burn, buy a couple fun noodles and PVC pipe and duct tape, show them these photos and let them use their imagination to build all manner of weaponry.  Then let them have at it!  I love watching them, it totally makes me laugh!  Especially when Daddy plays along! 


Mrs. Taffy


  1. That looks like a ton of fun! I think I remember some of those hanging around here for a few years. good sweaty excercise, especially for big boys!

  2. They are awesome!! I recommend them for anyone! :D Very affordable and fun way to sword fight with your friends and family! :D

  3. Great post...My children love their swords that the "Taffy's" made for them...they are just about in need of some new noodle covers - they have been well loved and I agree with you that these nifty swords make for a great afternoon! And yes - skirt is so girly and adorable - LOVE IT!


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