Saturday, May 19, 2012

Garage Sale Treasures Week 6

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Wow!  What a week!  Not only did our city have city wide garage sales, but I decided to join in, at pretty much the last minute.  I can’t say that it was the best turnout ever but I made over $100 and I was able to make about the same for a friend of mine, so that makes me happy!


So, for me, when I go to the trouble of going through every room in my house to set up a garage sale, there’s NO WAY I’m bringing that stuff back into my house.  So after the sale was over I divided up the leftovers.  We took a load to our favorite thrift store, consequently they are hiring so Chocolate Taffy was able to turn in an application too.  We made a bag for Goodwill.  I sorted two totes full of men’s clothes for my friend who has many teenaged sons and another box for my nieces.  I made a box to take to Once Upon a Child to sell and another box of stuff that I think I can sell at a used-curriculum sale.  My garage is clean and my house is too, what a great feeling!

While two of my sons were manning the sale, the rest of us went out.  It wasn’t stellar, but I found a few treasures!

001          005

An adorable lamp for Bubble Gum and Marshmallow’s room, complete with an energy saving light bulb.  $3.00 My rusty star treasure- .50!!  It’s hanging by my front door.  I’m going to plant flowers in it.  Won’t they be cute coming out of the stars?


An indoor slide for Marshmallow!  $5.00


A grape vine pumpkin for my fall pumpkin collection.  .50


This super cute chalk board that I promptly hung by the garage door.  $4.00


Brand new LL Bean shoes for $1.00 and a bunch of new tooth brushes for .10 each.  That was sort of a weird purchase but we go through a lot of tooth brushes.  At another sale I saw someone selling a pack of 5 for $5.00!  huh?


Two pair of really nice pants for me!  They were .50 each and feel brand new.  The brown pair are dressy capri’s and the white pair are lined.  Nice!


And finally, the God Made DVD for $1.00, the Old Navy T. Shirt .25 and the wool socks.  The brown pair (.50)is for Banana Taffy to wear while hunting and the blackish pair (.25) are for me.  And then there’s that lovely Longaberger basket.  Sigh…I paid $12.00 for that large gathering basket with liner from a lady who was selling her samples.  It was a bit of a splurge but well worth it to me!

How did you do?  Did you find any treasures?  Please share your finds with us by linking up below!  If you’ve never joined us before, please read this post first!

Let the bragging begin!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Great find on the pants! Love the basket, too. If you really love something, it's okay to spend a bit more :). Yay for having everything cleaned out!

  2. I love your blog! Just discovered it this morning! I am a homeschooler in Minnesota, too...Mankato. Are you near there? Also, congrats on your longaberger basket! $2.00 is a STEAL! I have TWO of those that I have received as gifts and know how much they cost brand new! Hope you're enjoying it! :-)


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