Saturday, May 26, 2012

Garage Sale Treasures Week 7

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This was a bit of a bizarre week for me.  Wednesday I went to a used curriculum sale and found a garage sale on the way home.  Thursday it poured all day long.  The news said last night that we got more rain yesterday than we usually get in the entire month of May.  It was  a lot.  Then Friday I had to run a few errands so I let myself get distracted by a few garage sales.  So while I didn’t go on my normal garage sale day, I definitely found some good deals this week!


This is my haul from the Used-Curriculum sale.  My favorite purchases being The Story of the World on CD for $15 and the CD-Rom by The Critical Thinking Co. for $1.


The FROG thinking skills preschool game came from the Used-Curriculum sale, it came with 2 sets of learning cards.  $4.00.  The word blocks by Learning Resource came from a garage sale for $1.00.


On Wednesday I found these boots, each set was $1.00.  Now Laffy Taffy can stop wearing his older sister’s outgrown pink polka dot rubber boots!  Phew!


  A cute pair of Eddie Bauer Jeans for Strawberry ($1).  I found another pair of denim capri’s there also, but they ended not fitting right so I’ll pass those along to my nieces.




009              011

This is from the Friday sale.  I found a garage sale that was priced cheaper than I’ve yet encountered!  All her clothes were .10!!  So I got this sweet little dress/costume for .10.  I bought it just to take a picture of her in it!  The IKEA stool was .50.


Clothes for my Nephew.  This all from the sale sale, everything was a dime.  Even the Old Navy Rain Coat!!  The Keens were a little more, but only a little at .50!!  What a deal! I spent 3.00 at her sale total and that included a BIG tip.  The Keens alone would have been worth $3.00.


Clothes for Marshmallow.  .10 each.  The pink overall jumper is not for her to wear though, I’m going to turn it into a clothespin bag for my clothesline, just by sewing up the bottom!  Another great idea that I found on Pinterest.


DVD-$1.00    Pink Cowboy Boots for Marshmallow-.25


Clothes for Bubble Gum.  Children’s Place shorts for .50 and a Brand NEW Hanna dress for $1.00.


More .10 clothes, this batch for Strawberry.  This stuff feels like it’s never been worn.  Bermuda shorts, Roxy Capri’s, Gap white denim jeans, Gap corduroy skirt and a leather belt!  She hasn’t had a chance to try on any of these clothes yet, but if something doesn’t fit we’ll just pass them on to my nieces.


And finally, a pretty flannel shirt for Strawberry-.10 and a long sleeve blouse .50. 

Considering I didn’t get to go out on my normal day and I only went to about 5 sales, I think I did pretty good! 

How did you do?  Did you find any treasures?  Please share your finds with us by linking up below!  If you’ve never joined us before, please read this post first!

Let the bragging begin!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Incredible! You are an amazing shopper! I think your sales are very different from the garage sales in the PNW. I especially love the pink cowboy boots!

  2. have the best sales in MN. Our little place in the world - garage sales are ummmmm - expensive and not good quality items...ugh!!!!! But I am determined to find a good sale this summer!
    Love the picture of Strawberry - so grown up!

  3. Very nice finds! I really need to get out there and try shopping at garage sales!

  4. Wow! A 10 cent sale! God must have heard your pouting about the 12.00 sale last week :). LOVING the Hanna dress it's one of my very favorite prints! Great find!


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