Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy 19th Anniversary!

Today, I am hijacking my wife's blog because... today is our 19th Anniversary!  If you have followed our blogs for a little while you will already know that we have been together through times of THICK and thin... and becoming a little bit thinner still. :)  We have been married long enough to make it through a few milestones and yet anticipate the ones to come.

I give advice to my children all the time about all kinds of things... and sometimes the advice is actually good!  Every now and then, the advice is great.  One such nugget of advice I gave recently was to marry someone who will compel you to be more righteous than you currently are.  Mrs. Taffy is the living evidence of this advice in my life.  When I am down, she compels me to come up; however, when I am up, she compels me to be refined and true.  She loves the Lord God with her whole heart and there is no one like her.  I am truly blessed to be her husband.  She is a fragrance of grace, order, love, and beauty every morning that I wake.

Today, I played a little hooky from work (in truth I wasn't feeling well) because I just want to spend time together.  Time is the thing that we are pressed the most for these days... about 30 hours a day vs. 24 would work for our family for the next five years or so. Sigh... But today, I want to take time to just 'be.'  The ' just be' moments we share are usually in between everyone else's moments and those are good too.  But today, we just need some time for our own moments one after another and another and another... to be lost in the security of each others' vows and commitment to them.  ...to be thankful for the giving that we have shared with each other over the years.  ... to have excitement that the next years are ours for the taking together and that no one could put a wedge between us.  ...to enjoy the quiet breeze outside together (with a mocha in hand of course) and to know there is no better way to spend that time.

I love Mrs. Taffy with all that is in me and there is no one else who will stand in between the vow I made to her before the Lord nineteen years ago today.

Mr. Taffy


  1. We're SO happy for the 2 of you!!! What a beautiful tribute to such a wonderful woman married to a great guy! :) She is all that you describe and more! We love you both and send HAPPY ANNIVERSARY prayers for today and 19 more years to come!

    Much love!

  2. Wow! What a great post about a great lady from a great man of God!

    We adore you both so much and think the world of you and your family - you are all such a blessing to others.

    Still think you two could write a book - and this post should be in it!

    Hugs to you both...happy 19 years!


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