Friday, May 25, 2012

Mother’s Day 2012

I’m a little behind, but I had such a nice Mother’s Day and got so many lovely photos, I just have to share!  The best part of the day was that my Mom was here!  The second best part of the day was the weather:  Totally perfect!

My husband got us breakfast from Panera!  So fun!  Bagels all around a special breakfast sandwich and pastry for my mom and I.  Oh and a COFFEE!!  YUM!


The children gave me some lovely heart felt gifts, including an album full of lovely words, their own words and how they felt about me.  Tears!  Such a great gift!


I asked the children to indulge me in a few well-planned photos.  I wanted: one of me and my mom, me with my children and all the girls together.  They happily agreed!




3 Generations.  Strawberry isn’t really that much taller than me, we were standing on a group of tree roots!

After breakfast and pictures we loaded up, minus one son who had to work (sniff!) and went to the Zoo!


The older I get, the more I appreciate my mom!  She is such a stable and encouraging voice in my life.  She never meddles but always shares her wisdom if asked for it.  She loves each one of my children and NEVER criticizes my family size.  She even told me she would love any children that could one day be adopted into our family.  I’m so blessed!




Did I mention what a gorgeous day it was?  Perfect!

After the zoo Mr. Taffy took us to our favorite Chinese Food restaurant.  Would you believe we bumped into my best friend and her family there?  They were just finishing up!  It was such a blessing to see her and see her mom and her children, it was a totally random surprise but it made me happy anyway! 

I can’t remember what we did for the rest of the evening?  Mom?  I think we came home and watched a movie or something but I can’t remember.  It was such a great day, it doesn’t really matter what we did that night!

I think Mother’s Day is less about being honored as mom’s and more about enjoying our role, our position.  Delighting in those precious lives the Lord has entrusted in our care, it’s not about being pampered and appreciated, it’s a day to recognize the power in Mothering and to be thankful for the one’s we have and the one we are! 


Mrs. Taffy


  1. What a wonderful post! I'll never forget that Mother's Day - truly the best ever for me! Basking in your family's love for one another is a privilege for me. The rest of the day was spent eating individual gourmet desserts, playing board games and rummy. Your eldest went out and brought us fresh baked rolls with cinnamon butter from his work place. The boys played disc golf and we watched Genesis Code. What a day!

  2. Such a nice post! So glad you had a great day at the zoo...and you did get some beautiful pictures...yeah!


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