Thursday, May 24, 2012

My reality.

Reality is that being a mom of a big family is an incredible amount of work.  It’s a position of great pull.  Meaning, I am being pulled on constantly, pulled, stretched, extended.  Like the title of my blog, picture a piece of taffy, being stretched, over and over and over again.

Like in this picture some parts of me can be stretched pretty thin, other parts of me are pretty thick and still need a lot of rearranging and mixing up.  Lately though I’ve been feeling more like the thinly stretched portion of this taffy.

So many needs, so many questions,

so much to do. 

The great thing about Taffy though is that the more it’s stretched, the better it becomes.  It becomes softer, more pliable, less likely to break. 

Stretching.  Pulling.  Growing.  Becoming.

I willingly put my life into the Candy Maker’s hands.  I willingly lay down my own desires to serve all these little people created in His imagine.  I wholeheartedly believe that He knows my breaking point.  That He knows just how much stretch I need to be pliable, to be sweet.  And that’s what I truly want, to be a pleasing aroma to and for the Lord.  The only way to get there as far as I can tell is to surrender my will, my way and lay my life down at His feet for Him to create in me what He sees me as, not as what I feel like I am.

Not a blob of stretched out taffy, but a beautiful swirl of grace, joy and peace, desirable and worthy to be called His.

Hanging on for the ride,

Mrs. Taffy

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  1. Beautifully said. I hope soon you will be less on the stretched side and more on the relaxed.


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