Monday, June 4, 2012

Chipmunk…the New Swear Word

  June Garden Tour


I’m not one given to swearing.  I’d rather growl or sigh VERY loudly.  But seriously, these chipmunks are something else.  They are ruining my garden.  GRRRR!

War has been declared!  Chocolate Taffy was kind enough to post this wanted sign…now if the chipmunks could read and then RUN far away!


 Exhibit 1

They ate all of my spinach, beets, cauliflower, peanuts and peppers.  Every. Last. Bit.  Why couldn’t they just eat the yucky brussel sprouts huh?




Exhibit 2

You might not even believe this was possible, but those rotten rodents knocked an entire wall of chopped wood over!  Can you even believe it?  There is a family of about 5 living in this wood pile and not a one of them was smooshed in the crash.  Figures.

So, they’ve been making a mess and eating OUR food, but there are a few good things happening too, so all is not lost.


  Apparently they don’t like potatoes…


Or Green Beans…


Or Tomatoes.

I bought some more plants over the weekend but I’m afraid to plant them, so they are in the greenhouse.  I bought sweet corn and popcorn, more peppers and 2 more tomatoes.


Apparently herbs aren’t tasty either, because our herb garden is looking really good.


The kids planter boxes are doing really good too.


Here’s my refurbished plant cart.  I love how it turned out.  I have little pansy’s, some other flowers I started from seed and chamomile in the pots, I need to add something to that little white pot still.


Chocolate Taffy and Mr. Taffy built this amazing contraption to keep the birds from eating our berries.  There’s netting strung from the pvc pipe. 


Mr. Taffy also built this nice support for his raspberries.  I think we will get a lot of nice raspberries this year, there are many flowers appearing.


Sad little empty planter box…sniff sniff…chipmunks.  Ugh.


So there you have it, a June tour of our garden.  Thanks for visiting!  In July we can sip on some peppermint tea and snack on raspberries while we are are looking around!

Until then,

Mrs. Taffy


  1. I LOVE the wanted sign - so great! So sorry that you even have to have a wanted sign! In spite of it all...your garden is gorgeous...nice job!

    Our chickens might end up on a wanted sign!!!! They are finding a way in the garden - even with 6 foot fencing...stinkers! So far they have not done too much damage as our growing season just started - but hmmmm they did tear around my radish starts - but bonus for me as the radishes needed thined out...teee-heee!!!

  2. First there was one, and now there are three bunnies trying to attack my garden. They have eaten every last green bean plant. The tomatoes, zucchini, and squash they left alone, but the green beans they apparently loved. I used to like rabbits, and I still do, except now I'm thinking of them in terms of what they would taste good with!

    1. Exactly! We could each have our own little roast chipmunk with a side salad and watermelon slices. lol Sorry about your green beans!

  3. We had gophers in our garden last year - devoured my lettuce, spinach, peas, etc...the only thing that worked?? Setting up traps - we baited them with pieces of apple and caught probably 20 in 3-4 days...problem solved!!! Just a thought...maybe invest in some traps and bait them with something really yummy. :)

    P.S. Yes...I am a lurker on your blog! Don't have time to comment much, but I'm a mom of 4 and am almost done my first year of homeschooling...and love reading about your family/blog! :)

  4. Thanks for commenting Amanda!! My boys have started setting traps, 2 down, a million more to go! :)

  5. That's why I don't plant vegetables, but rather buy them from local farmers. Deer are the biggest problem, but I'm sure there are bunnies and rodents too. LOVE your red garden cart! Nice to see some things survived.

  6. I loved the sign! We have a squirrel problem so we don't plant corn anymore. Sigh, much to my son's chagrin. Hope you get them soon!

  7. This made me laugh...too funny! Well, not for you I am sure. I sympathize! We battle deer and bugs, but so far have been safe. Last year we lost every one of our bean plants. It made me so mad I did not plant any this year! I am still pouting and looking for the guilty animal!

  8. Hi- can you tell me what you used to hold up the netting over your berry bushes? Those arched white things look perfect.

    1. HI Christine! I believe we just used PVC pipe, we just bent it and stuck it in some brackets my husband attached to the edging. I hope that helps.


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