Saturday, July 14, 2012

Garage Sale Treasures Week 13

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Did you miss me last week?  I looked, but there was nothing!  It was a holiday after all, I guess I’ll get over it.  lol

This week was great fun though!  I found many treasures! I hope you did too!


At the very first sale we found this beautiful queen size quilt for Strawberry Taffy’s bed.  She’s been using my quilt, which has moved into the “vintage” age and is very fragile.  This one has a lot of life left in it.  I washed it and hung it on the line to dry!  $5.00 (It’s not handmade.)


Purse-$1.00, stacking drawers-$1.00 each, Baby Bjorn potty chair-$3.00  (Marshmallow LOVES it and sits on it every time she’s in the bathroom.)  Doll Hospital Book-.50 and sunglasses for me-$2.00.  ( I think that’s a little high for a garage sale but I was ready to shell over $10.00 to buy them new, so I figured it was okay.)


Funny Rubber elephant, I don’t know who made it, I found one on ebay selling for $39.99.  I paid $1.50, the kids like to sit on it.  Child size push broom-.50.





Two tank tops for me-$1.00 each and tied die shirt-$1.00.  That cool math t.shirt is for Chocolate Taffy, it was $1.00 and he LOVES it.  He’s so excited to wear it to his college math class!


Pink and brown striped hoodie dress for Strawberry-$1.00.  Green and brown hoodie for Blue-Raspberry-.50.


Clothes for Bubble Gum.  Brown cords-$2.00, brown sweater-$2.00, blue shirt-$1.00, Christmas hoodie and t.shirt-.50 each.


Some play clothes for Marshmallow.  Everything was a quarter each and they all are Carters.  The three shirts on the side are onesie t.shirts, those will be so nice in the fall!


This is what Bubble Gum found.  This wood horse stable for $5.00.  She negotiated the price from $6.00 and paid with her own money that she’s been earning from rubbing my feet!  (smile)


And finally, I was pretty happy about this find.  I found these at Goodwill.  I have this set of plates that I love and was so happy to find two more plates for .99 each and the creamer was $1.99. 

How did you do?  Did you find any treasures?  Please share your finds with us by linking up below!  If you’ve never joined us before, please read this post first!

Let the bragging begin!!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. You DID find some treasures this week!! What a beautiful quilt!! Love it! And I chuckled at your comment on the sunglasses. I find myself thinking the same exact thing at garage sales sometimes. If it's something I need or have been looking for but the price is high, I think what I would spend for it brand new in the store. Which then usually ends up making me buy it! :)

    What a fun push broom and math tshirt!! Hubby and I are such math nerds and hope our girls are math nerds too one day! Great deals on clothes! We haven't found much clothing lately but that's ok. That's why I stock up when I see it! :)

    Beautiful wooden house. Way to go with the haggling, Bubble Gum!! And love, love, love the patriotic tableware!! How sweet! An exciting week, Mrs. Taffy!

    Oh, one more thing, you've GOT to do a post on how you keep your house organized. Some weeks I dread garage sailing because it's a battle to keep the house organized and find a place for everything! I'd love to see where the kids stash their toys, treasures, etc and you all your treasures! :)

  2. Love the green bag! I should do a post about my finds from the thrift store...

  3. Ahhh...we did find treasure BUT my camera battery has died AND...somewhere is the charger for it...ho-hum!

    Love the quilt and the wood barn the dishes as they are so you!

  4. Love that shirt for Chocolate...soo him!

    That barn/house will be great for Bubble Gum!

    And those you! I think I've seen them at your house before. :)

    Great finds, and I hope to link up with you,here, soon.

    It's a Lacy Life

  5. What a fun week you had! Lots of great treasures. I too have walked away thinking...why were these so cheap? I would've paid twice that much for them! So funny that when I find something at a great price I immediately think it should be more...but if it was a higher price I would complain about that. lol

  6. Love your purse and the push broom! I paid 2 for sunglasses a few weeks back so I think that's about right. Yours are cute!


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