Monday, July 30, 2012

Honey Makers

We are as busy as bees here, literally.  Mr. Taffy and Chocolate Taffy are apiarist’s.  That’s a fancy word for bee keeper’s.  (I feel like Fancy Nancy typing that.)  This weekend they did a little honey spinning.  At least that’s what I call it, it probably has a fancy name too.


This is a  frame that is loaded with honey comb and honey that has been forked scratched to uncap the honey comb  to let the honey ooze out.




This is the honey extractor.  Four frames fit in there and it spins around really fast to spin the honey out.  That’s why I call it “spinning honey.”  Get it?


It’s REALLY loud!


Round and Round and Round it goes when it stops the honey flows!


This is hot and sticky business.  We had to spin the honey in the closed garage because it’s warm (hot actually) and that keeps the honey flowing smoother and quicker and because if the bees smell the honey, they will come in and join the spinning party.  They aren’t exactly welcome guests if you know what I mean. 


After the frames are done spinning the honey is released out the trap door on the bottom of the spinner. 

026                  027

We filter our honey, but we don’t heat it.  That way we get the health benefits of the raw honey without the dead bee parts and chunks of pollen floating around in it.  You can see that the filtering bucket has a spigot on it also, sometimes we put it through another filter, sometimes we just put it right in the jars.

It’s glorious and it’s sticky and it’s messy and it’s aromatic.  This is our second spin of the season and there’s more to come!  Flow honey…flow!


Mrs. Taffy and the Busy Bee Keepers


  1. I didn't know that y'all had bees! That's so awesome. :D We do too. :)
    Your frames look really nice and the extractor is awesome! We have one, but it's a bit bigger (I think it holds six frames) and it's turned by hand. We usually bring it into our craft room and battle the few bees that end up with the frames and spend the next week cleaning honey up off of all kinds of surfaces lol.
    Looks like you've got a great operation going! Congrats on the harvest. :D
    Christ bless y'all. :)

  2. Wow, I am impressed. Looks hard but fun. How did you gett started? Is there a particular resource you would recommend to learn?

    1. Michele, I think we originally got interested in beekeeping from Country Side Magazine. Have you heard of it? My husband follows a lot bee blogs but we've learned the most through trail and error. :)

    2. I will have to look that up! Thanks. Someday when the AF is done with us I pray we will some land to try some of these fun things!!!

  3. That is so awesome! I've always wanted one of my children to try beekeeping so I could have raw honey. I hope you get enough for the whole year!

  4. That is an amazing process. Thanks for sharing.
    Lisa C.

  5. So happy for the harvest! Beautiful! I love having bees - they are amazing!

    Happy Bee Keeping...Hugs to you!

    1. Are you guys going to get any honey this year? This is the first year we have any honey worth mentioning. It's so exciting!

  6. Sadly, we lost all of our bees this frustrating. It was because we were not able to really work them or keep an eye on them (FYI).

    In the past we did have a beautiful harvest of honey. Someday we will get our bees boxes filled again and be bee keepers again.


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