Wednesday, August 1, 2012

15 years and counting


Hard to believe I’ve been doing this for 15 years.  Hard to believe I have at least another 15 years ahead of me.  I still feel like a newbie on so many levels. 

We went “back to school” today.  I’ve been preparing for this for weeks.  I tried so hard to make sure I had everything ready before we started.  Of course I forgot to load the math program and I couldn’t find the history book for a good 5 minutes, but we made it through and we are all still smiling. 


My schedule for this year looks something like this:

5:00-Rise and Shine Momma

6:15-Rise and Shine Children

6:30- Breakfast

7:00-Morning Chores/Personal Time

8:30-Start School

11:00-12:30 Break for lunch and a little bit of exercise.  Usually Strawberry is still working during some of this time, this schedule is more for the younger ones.

12:30-2:00 Nap time for Laffy Taffy and I finish up school with Blue-Raspberry and Bubble Gum.


2:15-Afternoon Chores and Free time until dinner.

5:30-Dinner Time

6:30-Baths and Books

7:15-7:30-Bed Time for little people

10:00-Bed time for Big People (Even the teens unless they are working.)

Some day's are a little different, but for the most part this is our routine. 


Things will really get busy when the boy’s start college back up, we have about 4 more weeks until they go back and we are only doing a 4 day week throughout the month of August.  I’m also signing the kid’s up for a homeschool bowling league later this fall.


I’m trying to remember to cherish each of these moments.  Some times I get so overwhelmed, but then I glance over at my oldest sons and I see how quickly it went how I wish I was that young mom home with a bunch of little ones.  God is good and I’m so thankful to be a part of this crazy busy life. 


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Just read your article in TOS....wonderful! I have a long story, but the short version is that I've been terrified to homeschool for the last four years. Our children are ages 9, 7, 5, almost 3 and 9 months. I've pulled them twice only to send them back. I am scared that I will lose my mind if they are home all day, every day. I am scared that they will be bored. I live in Minnesota, I am interested to hear what you have to say since we have to follow the same "rules". If you need more blog is Have a great night!

    1. Hi Nicole!! Thanks for stopping by! You have a beautiful family! You are so blessed! I'm glad to meet another Minnesotan, especially one that doesn't appreciate the heat of summer like me! :)

      Okay, so I have to ask the obvious question here...Do you feel like the Lord wants you to homeschool your children? Because to me there's no argument if you feel like the Lord has told you to do it, you must obey. He always gives us the grace to do the things He asks of us and He NEVER wants us to worry about the future! That's the truth of it, now if there's more to it, or if you have a husband who isn't supportive of homeschooling then there's more to talk about, but from what I know about the Lord and what I've read in His Word, and what He's done for me personally, He won't leave you. He'll walk right along side you and lead down the homeschool path. each step. That doesn't mean you won't have hard days or that your children will never drive you crazy or get bored, but in light of eternity, those are acceptable inconveniences!! In my opinion!

      Pray about it. Obey. If you want to talk more or have any other specific questions I would be happy to keep the conversation going! I wonder if you live near the Twin Cities?! It would be fun to meet for coffee! You can email me at

      Much love to you as you seek the Lord and take care of your family!!

  2. Happy First Day of School!

    Congratulations dear friend for seeking the Lord for His strength - you stayed with homeschooling and look at your reward - such a blessing!

    You are an encouragement to all of us who homeschool...and we all adore you!

    Not sure when we are starting...ho-hum learning to trust the Lord(long story). But we are taking a "surprize" field trip this week to a cave - can't wait! The children have no idea.

    The two middle children started their art classes today and I was very impressed with all they learned and the art project they did. I bartered my time cleaning the art teachers house for their art class and beautifully! So even though we can't start official school yet they have started school.

    Okay have a delightful rest of your school week. Hugs to all the Taffy's - we miss you!

    1. I'm so proud of you! The whole bartering for art lessons is ingenious! You are taking what the Lord has given you and using it to bless your family! You can email me the rest of the story if you feel like sharing. Otherwise I know the Lord has got your back! It's going to work out okay! (hugs)

      Have fun at the caves! Can't wait to read about it!! Don't forget your camera!!

      Love you~


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