Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up 2 & 3

I’m combining two weeks into one since I’m already behind.  We completed three weeks of school so far and it’s going really well.  I still pretty happy with the curriculum choices we made and everybody seems to be thriving.


Laffy Taffy making a letter Q for All about Reading-PreReading level.  He’s blowing through this!


Enjoying some self-directed learning.


Bubble Gum working on her spelling with All about Spelling.  I was originally going to start her on level two, but after looking through it more thoroughly I decided we better start with level once since many of the concepts from the first level are built on in the second level.  Really, this level is too easy for her, she’s a good reader already, but since it’s so easy she’s moving through it quickly and she’s feeling very pleased with herself because of it.  I bought level 2 also so she can just move right into the next level when she finishes, by then Laffy Taffy will probably be ready to start Level 1, he already listens to her lessons and blurts out the answers when I’m quizzing her on stuff.  Stinker.  I had to start “charging” him with push-ups for doing that!021

Blue-Raspberry Reciting his Weekly Memory Verse

Here’s Blue-Raspberry reciting his weekly Memory Verse for you.  He really likes the Bible program we are using. (Please forgive the mess in the background…that would be Chocolate Taffy’s desk.  Yeah…we have a little cleaning to do before he starts school back up!)


He really enjoys making the flash cards for his Latin too.  On his very first Latin test he didn’t do very well.  He’s only been taking tests in Math so he hasn’t had a lot of experience with studying.  I told him his first test didn’t count since he had never taken one before.  Well, I’m happy to report that he aced the second test and now that he knows what to expect, I expect he’ll make that a trend!


Sweet Strawberry, she has a pretty big work load this year.  She is trying to do AP Literature as well, it’s SO much reading!  She’s accidentally broke her kindle, which was where most of her books were stored.  She can still read them on her computer and we do own several of them, but that was disappointing anyway.  She memorized about 25 biology definitions this first chapter.  Her test is sitting downstairs waiting to be graded.  I told her I would give her extra credit for every definition she wrote down that wasn’t on the test.  She was pretty happy about that.  During lunch time I encourage Blue-Raspberry and Strawberry drill each other on their Latin vocabulary. 

I was pretty sick last weekend, I think it was allergies that ran amuck and turned into a sinus infection.  I’m still working through it but feel MUCH better than I did.  While I was resting we took a trip out to the Bee Yard to watch Mr. Taffy do a little weed whacking around the hives.  The bee yard is such a pretty place!




Yeah, so those bees DO NOT like the vibration of the weed-whacker.  Mr. Taffy had to make a run for it!  We all got a good giggle from the truck.


Plugging along…plugging along…it’s such a busy full life, but it’s so exciting and so satisfying!



Mrs. Taffy


  1. I've been thinking about beekeeping. Is it a lot of work? I keep reading that eating local honey is a great way to minimize seasonal allergies and we've got a lot of that around here. And, well, I use honey as a sweetener in a lot of our drinks and foods. I'm a little worried about stings though! ::wink::

  2. What a pleasure! thanks for sharing.

  3. Dumb allergies! They have been getting me too. I find taking on nettle cap a day keeps my symptoms under control.

    I was wondering where you kept the bees. Did your guys watch vanishing of the bees(or something like that)? After watching it on Netflix I really want to keep some bees but I know we won't be able to. At least I can keep my garden chemical free so the local bees have a safe place to gather pollen.

    I am using aar prereading with my preschooler also. Oh, and we are on Level 2 of aas. I think you made a wise choice starting with level 1. We did the same thing and just worked through it quickly. I need to be more diligent to work on spelling everyday so we can move onto level 3. I'm giving my three middle students a better spelling foundation than their older siblings had.

    Have a happy homeschool week!


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