Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up~The one where I prove Marshmallow makes a big mess in our schoolroom.

How’s that for a long title?  I’ve been reading a lot of teenaged-girl blogs, I think they are rubbing off on me.  (smile)


It’s just something we have to accept, us moms of toddlers,  they make a mess.  A BIG mess. The trick is to teach them how to put the stuff back and if that’s not possible because of timing then to remember to pick it all up BEFORE we are done with school for the day.  I don’t know about you, but it makes me grumpy to walk into our schoolroom and see a huge mess.  And believe or not, Marshmallow is getting really good at putting things back.  She can’t put the books back on the shelf, but she can hand them to me.  (If you didn’t see my video about our schoolroom, you can see it here.)


Here Bubble Gum is working on a Latin Word Search for her Song School Latin activity.


I think they are working on their history coloring pages here while they are listening to the CD that is reading to them.


Laffy Taffy.  I found these free number worksheets on this website.


Working on our science lapbooks.  They are copying answers from our white board.  I always ask them the questions first and then write their answers up there so I don’t have to spell everything.  Blue-Raspberry Taffy writes a lot faster than Bubble Gum.


This is one of the cool games I found at a garage sale over the summer.  He’s matching the lower case letters to the upper case letters.  Then putting them in order on the floor.


I don’t have many pictures of Strawberry doing her work, but she wrote a funny post about her first few days of school here if you are interested in reading it from a 14 year olds perspective.  I love it!


This is pretty much the first picture I took with my new phone, it’s awful, but you can see that Banana is doing a good job earning tips as a Server’s Assistant.  He turned in his notice this week since summer is winding down, he can’t work two jobs when college resumes.


Here’s Chocolate Taffy getting to know his new phone.  We all got new phones this week, well 4 of us did.  Banana and Chocolate paid for their own phones and will be paying their portion of the phone bill which amounts to about $30.00 a month.  The older boys are still working through their Geometry (almost done!!) and Chocolate is still studying for the SAT.  Their college classes resume after Labor Day.  Exciting!

Okay, I just have to share some funny pictures from my phone from the week.  Some of the photos above are from my phone, some are from my camera.  I’m getting better at getting good pictures on my phone.

001         018



Okay, so there you have it!  It wasn’t all smiles and kisses, but overall it was pretty good.  And I think I forgot to mention that we completely unplugged our TV’s, so we aren’t doing videos or anything, not even the Olympics!  It’s adding an overall peaceful atmosphere to our home and I finished 2 books this week because of it!  I do miss vegging out though, sad but true.

Did you start school back up yet?  How’s it going?  Remember this is a long-distance race, not a sprint.  One day at a time, one subject at time.  You CAN do it!

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4: 6-7


Mrs. Taffy



  1. So fun to see everyone doing their schoolwork. It brings back fond memories. I really like your comment about school being a long distance race, not a sprint. In retrospect, I think we covered too many topics...but what would we have eliminated? Everything was interesting and fun.

  2. I love, love, love reading your posts, especially about homeschooling and daily life. You are so real, so honest but very encouraging and inspiring. Really and truly. It has been on my heart to unplug our tv's as well. I too do a lot of vegging even when I'd rather be vegging with a book! LOL! Have a good weekend , Mrs. Taffy!!

    1. Thanks Carolyn!! I'm trying to be real...the perfectionist in me only wants things to appear perfect you know, but nobody likes being around a person that is perfect, not even me!!

  3. I love to see that your house does get messy on occasion! :) Every time I see a picture, your house looks like it should be in a magazine (oh, wait, it has been). It makes me feel a bit better about the enormous tea party set-up in my living room at the moment.

    I love all the pictures! It looks like everyone is having fun.

    Do you have any special tips for getting munchkins interested in trying to write? H3 can do a few letters, though written in VERY large print. She hasn't been too enthusiastic about trying to learn, and she's never been one to enjoy crayons and coloring. I'd like her to learn this year, but that's the last area that I haven't figured out how to approach yet!

    1. I'm sorry I don't do a better job of showing the real condition of my house. You KNOW with 9 people living here it's messy more than it is neat but I do try and take pictures in a way that doesn't reveal all the messes. :) And, truth be told, clutter drives me crazy. I don't like piles and I don't like stuff on the floor. I live by the premise that if I can't find a place to put something, I get rid of it. Even if I like it or think I might need it in the future. I think clearer and am a nicer person when my house is uncluttered.

      And, as for your little munchkin and writing. Have you tried using playdoh for her to make the shapes of the letters, not stamping them but actually shaping them? Another good one is putting some tempra paint in a taped up baggie with all the air squeezed out. She can practice the shapes of the letters without a pencil. Kumon makes great books for tracing that are fun and short. If she doesn't have texture issues you can put some pudding or shaving cream on a cookie sheet and let her make letters and shapes that way. She has lots of time before she needs to be able to write, it will come. I promise! :) Just keep working with the fine motor skills, she doesn't see the benefit of writing yet, but once she understands the joy of writing letters to Grandma and getting one back she'll be hooked!

  4. We just finished a week off and will get back to work this week. We are still finishing things from last year and our new year officially begins in September. We school year round but cut down on classes for summer so we can spend more time outside.


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