Monday, October 29, 2012

Let’s have a meeting…

I keep finding myself calling “meetings” with my teenagers.  This is not to be mistaken for a “family meeting” which can have some negative connotations accompanied by moaning and groaning.  Though, they do sometimes still let a little groan escape when I call them to come sit with me and “meet.”  Still, the topic is one they ultimately like: themselves,their lives, their goals, etc.


Teenagers are complicated creatures and often change their minds about things without telling me, so these meeting ensure that we are on the same page. 


One of my jobs as resident Mother/Guidance Counselor/Busy-Body is to help them meet their goals.  I have no idea what I’m doing.  But I know that I love them deeply and that I am FOR them.  I trust them, I believe in them and I want them to obey the Lord and follow His will for their lives even if I don’t quite get it all the time.  And most importantly, God is on my side and constantly helping me (us) in this parenting journey.


All these plans we make have to be reevaluated as new information comes our way, as minds change, etc.  Thus, the reason for meetings.


Something's have to be contented for as well.  A certain professor made a certain remark that has made a certain person buy into the lie that mediocrity is acceptable and, in fact, desirable in this last year of highschool.  Oh if I could give that professor a lecture I would!! 


So I’ve been having to remind this certain person repeatedly that the expectations that Mr. Taffy and I have are the expectations that matter, not the Professor’s.  Why do something half-way?  Our sinful nature loves half-way, loves mediocrity, loves to be lazy.  Well, I’m going to contend for excellence.  Not perfection.  But doing the best you can with what you’ve been given, being faithful to do what you’ve been given to do, not taking short cuts.  That’s a good thing to contend for, and model.  (smile)


It’s already time to start registering for Spring 2013 classes.  Wow!  One semester left of highschool.  It looks like Banana Taffy will be transferring to a different school, an actual State University that offers the Law Enforcement Degree that he desires.  We are working our way through that process.  Which means making a new transcript, filling out new applications, figuring out transportation, meeting with guidance counselors, etc.  It’s all very exciting, so much to think about, it’s a stretch for my brain that’s for sure!


Anyway…all that to say, when your teenagers give you a little guff, resist a little, make a bad face, that’s a signal that you are on the right track, a “tell” if you will. 

I love peace.  I’m probably the resident peace-keeper, I can’t stand it when I feel that yucky friction between me and a loved-one.  But these are the times we contend.  My husband calls them “fence testing” moments.  Kid’s will push against boundaries, against the standards, but God has given us sure footing to stand our ground, to stay steadfast and contend for these moments.

It’s hard work.  It’s uncomfortable work.  It’s good work and it’s important work.

Stand fast Momma,

Mrs. Taffy


  1. Well said! They are lucky to have you guiding them (and they know it!). Loved your lecture photo! You should make them hang that photo over their computers when they are away at school!

  2. Hmmmm...lots to think about! You are doing a great job...such a great job! I really admire you and all you contend for.

  3. Well...especially within the last six months...I tend to call my Mom to meetings lol. I can take up so much of her time on one subject particularly...and she's always so patient and wise with her counsel. There are few things I can think of that are a greater blessing than a wise, loving, caring Mother's Christ centered attention and counsel. I don't know how I could grow up or take the huge step I am facing without it.
    It's such a gift that I don't think anyone could ever fully grasp. Certainly one of the greatest gifts God gives "kids"/young adults. I hope and pray to always be able to talk to my Mom even after I am married and have my bunch of kids. :)

  4. OKay. I needed that. THank you for wording it better than I feel it so I can identify myself and my one teenager and my soon-to-be teenage son. <3 Kelly W.


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